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The elevator pitch is one of the most important pitches you can give.

Here are some key points to remember in delivering your elevator pitch:

Keep it around thirty seconds. 

Practice it to get the timing right.

Use the rest of your time to engage with your audience in questions and answers.

Talk at a normal pace and don’t speed up or rush it.

Rushing shows a lack of confidence in your pitch.

Use a conversational tone so you invite questions and feedback.

Show your passion and let your energy come through.

After you write your pitch, practice it and modify it 'til it’s polished.

Replace the filler words with more descriptive ones.

It’s important to show the problem, the solution, and the benefits. 

Customize your pitch for the audience by focusing on what’s important to them.

It’s okay to have more than one version of the same pitch.


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In this episode, Hall welcomes Jonathan Staenberg, Founder and CEO of Staenberg Venture Partners.

Staenberg Venture Partners is a Seattle-based venture capital firm focused on the technology industry mostly between San Francisco and Seattle.

Early in his career, Jon established several marketing groups at Microsoft. He then joined the senior management team of Virtual i-O, a venture-backed startup, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In 2003, he joined Rustic Canyon where he continues to serve as an Advisory Partner.

Now, his model is to work as an advisor to those companies and funds he invests in.

Most recently, he advised, Blockchain Coinvestors, and

Jon has worked with venture-backed companies for over 30 years in several capacities. As an entrepreneur, he’s established five companies, served on the senior management team of several early-stage organizations, and provided venture capital funding to more than 500 start-ups. Jon is one of the more experienced venture capitalists in the Pacific Northwest, having raised four funds totaling over $500 million.

Jon graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University, graduating with a B.S., M.A., and M.B.A. While at Stanford, he started and ran two successful companies. Jon grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and is a hardcore Nebraska Cornhusker fan. In his spare time, he collects sports ticket stubs.

Jon shares his thoughts on the current state of startup investing and what he thinks will be the biggest change we will see in five years. He also discusses his investment thesis and advises entrepreneurs and investors.

You can visit Jon at, via LinkedIn at, and via email at

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