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Shownotes for episode 7- Nick Mysore

In this episode of the Angel Connect Podcast show, Hall Martin continues the discussion of mentorship with Nick Mysore. As you will hear in this audio episode, Nick will outline how to create what he calls "customer delight."

He explains:

 - how to create a quality "pitch" as an entrepreneur;

 - how to grow a brand and scale it; and

 - how to handle an entrepreneur who may not

   be taking a mentor's advice.

The drive toward these 3 areas consists of Nick's 3 D's: "Desire / Decide / Delight."


In fact, in this process, Nick mentions that the mentor's job is to nudge the entrepreneur, and  really to MAKE THE ENTREPRENEUR


Nick's advice focuses on the PEOPLE. In other words, he states "bet on the people, ... not the technology or ... the product."


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