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Show notes for Angel Connect, episode 14:  Thomas Williamson this episode, Hall Martin of, interviews Thomas Williams, an investor in consumer product goods and restaurants. He is especially interested in micro-breweries, beer, and good food as a growing environment.
The cases-in-point which he describes in this discussion
are Zilker Brewery in Austin, Texas, and Haymaker. (                              (
Mr. Williams stresses that what is important for him in his criteria is the TEAM. That is, he wants to ensure that the team has all the tools needed for success in the venture.He also looks for paths to get a quicker ROI (return on investment)--and he looks for getting the return in the first two years (a vital target among the risks of the restaurant business).
In structuring deals, he wants to quickly get the venture off the ground, especially with brick-and-mortar locations. Key to success is speed-- that is, to open

TASTE benefits for his target groups of the young and the millennials.This led to his strategy of "pairing beer with food."_____________________________CONTACT INFORMATION(Mr. Williams)Copyright (c) 2015, Hall Martin rights reserved.

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