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In this episode, Hall interviews David Mes of Off the Grid Ventures. OTG focuses on early-stage investment in 'off the grid' entrepreneurs – women and foreign founders - specializing in B-to-B technology companies.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Paul McNeal of cryptomarket360, a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency information.

Paul talks about his varied background before coming to the crypto space. He and Hall talk about the state of investing in blockchain, and how the industry is evolving, and future regulatory influences. Paul discusses how the industry is moving on from ICOs to security token offerings for accredited investors.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Andrey Voronkov of Voronkov Ventures. Voronkov Ventures is an investment and consulting company working in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and provides services on ICO analytics, investment and consulting. Leaning on the its own ranking system, the company gives detailed analysis of ICOs to investors. Voronkov Ventures has developed several projects based on a principle of decentralization and using blockchain technology.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Tim Enneking, Director of Digital Capital Management. DCM focuses on managing investment portfolios of digital currencies and related assets through fund structures designed for investment by US and Non-US high net worth individuals and institutional investors, including strategic investments in promising early-stage blockchain projects.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Brett King of Moven. Brett and Hall discuss some of the fintech challenges that startups can pursue, including the growth of mobile payments, and how the bank branch model is being disrupted by startups that can provide a different experience. Brett talks about how startups are reforming the core of financial services, and how they can access the "sandbox" for testing out new services and applications.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund. Before his start in early stage investing, Brett worked in technology in Silicon Valley, as a founder, and as a product manager at Facebook and Instagram. Brett talks about his start as an investor, and his advice for new investors with a small amount of liquidity, using resources such as AngelList, or working as an unpaid advisor in exchange for a small amount of equity.

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Hall is joined by Allan May of Life Science Angels. Hall and Allan kick off this episode talking about Allens journey into angel investing that he began in 1997. They speak about Life Science Angels approach to investing in both the wet and dry science. Biology, genomics,

tools and instruments on the wet side and devices, diagnostic and catheters on the dry side as well as digital health. They speak about startups trying to raise funds in these areas and who would be a candidate and who is not. Allan gives examples of a milestone that would get him interested and excited in a deal. In this episode, you’ll also learn more about the digital health side of investing and how they decide a deal is right. Hall and Allan also discuss his general investment thesis and how is it going to make money.

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Hall is joined by Sarah E Brown, author of Power to the Startup People. Sarah is the Director of Content Marketing at BuildingConnected, the leading cloud-based pre construction bidding platform that enables owners, general contractors and subcontractors to communicate easily and efficiently throughout the bidding process. She is also a mentor at Techstars, a world-renowned startup accelerator with more than 1,000 portfolio companies with combined market cap of $16 Billion. Sarah speaks about her journey and how she got to where she is today. Sarah grew up wanting to be a journalist and has a liberal arts background. Sarah realized what she loved most about being a journalist was really telling stories. You can tell stories and make a huge impact in the startup world.


Sarah is the author of Power to the Startup People and talks about how she was inspired to write this book. In her book, you learn practical advice on topics including how to ask for a promotion and raise, level up in your career, find a company aligned with your values, navigate startup failure (and success!), and more.

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Hall is joined by Michael Berolzheimer of Bee Partners. Bee Partners was founded in 2008 by Michael, a Haas MBA with undergraduate degrees in business and computer science. A youthful angel investment in Bear Naked Granola led the way to venture. Michael speaks about how he got into early stage investing. He started in New York, with both investment banking and private equity. He made his first angel investment in 2004 and has not looked back. He now invests across fifty four separate companies. Michael also speaks about how his company came to be called Bee Partners as well as what they look for in a startup when investing. Hall and Michael also speak about what exactly Bee Partners wants the company to accomplish before going to Bee Partners. In this episode, you’ll also learn Michaels unique investment thesis. He believes pre seed is an outstanding place to generate excess return. Michael also shares what companies he has dealt with that fit his thesis.

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Hall is joined by Michael Smerklo, co founder and managing director of Next Coast Ventures. Hall and Michael kickoff this episode learning about Michaels background before investing in early stage companies. Michaels background includes being a CPA and investment banker before attending business school. Once he completed school, Michael move to SIlicon Valley where he first worked with Morgan Stanley followed by Loudcloud for two years. Michael then decided to buy a company. He worked as CEO for 13 years before retiring. At that point he decided that he really wanted to give back to the entrepreneurial community since he enjoyed working with early stage companies and became a VC as the next logical step in his career. Michael also shares his advice to new investors in the startup world as well as how he sees the industry evolving. In this episode, you’ll learn Michaels own personal investment thesis and he came to it. Hall and Michael touch on challenges, risks and opportunities to pursue in this sector.  


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In this episode, Hall interviews Brent Martin, who manages Revenue Growth opportunities at In Focus Brands, a brand agency, business management consultancy, and capital funding firm focused on executing strategies that launch and accelerate client's needs and goals.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Brenda Irwin of Relentless Pursuit Partners. Brenda talks about her start in healthcare venture funding in Canada in drug development, diagnostics, and biotech companies. Brenda now runs Relentless Pursuit Partners, which focuses on health, sport fitness, and nutrition. Relentless focuses on marrying the network of professional athletics with healthcare venture experience, with a consumer product focus.

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Hall is joined by Michael Noel of Blockchain Weekly. In this episode, you learn about Michael's background before entering the blockchain space. Michael also shares his views on the state of Investing in blockchain and how the industry is currently evolving. Michael also shares his thoughts on the direction the industry is taking and how the  landscape for investing has changed in the blockchain sector. Michael gives his personal investment thesis and what companies may match the profile. Michael and Hall also discuss the current challenges and risks in blockchain sector and what Micheal views as immediate opportunities to pursue.

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In this episode Hall is joined by Eric Desai of Greenhouse Capital Partners. We start out this episode learning how Eric got into early stage investing. Eric joined Greenhouse Capital Partners over four years ago when he found there was a gap in the type of investing they do, food, agriculture and environmental technologies. Hall and Eric speak about what Greenhouse Capital focuses on in detail. Greenhouse Capital Partners invests in small established, early growth business models that promote health, wellness, and sustainable living to create a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment. Eric speaks a little about about what startup funds fit the focus and what Greenhouse looks for. In this episode, you’ll also learn how the food agriculture and environmental technology industry is evolving and how the landscape of investing is changing and growing. Eric gives his own personal investment thesis for this particular sector and how he approaches it.  


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In this episode Hall is joined by Duke Rohlen of Ajax Health. The interview starts off with Duke speaking about how he got into early stage investing for over the last fifteen years. He got into this space between his love for innovation, technology as well as healthcare. Hall and Duke speak about the current trends in the medical device space and where he sees it moving both strategically and with innovation. You’ll also get Duke’s advice on how and what new investors in the medical technology space should look for when investing. Hall and Duke also speak about how to fill the gap in medical technology development.

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In this episode Hall is joined by Wayne Wu of VMG Partners. We kick off this episode learning about Waynes background before VMG Partners. Wayne offers his advice on entering the CPG space as an angel or VC who has not been previously. He speaks about investors being able to separate their personal viewpoints and being more of an objective investor. Hall and Wayne speak about VMG Partners and how the company invests and what they tend to focus on. VMG works intimately with founders and leaders of branded consumer product companies, providing the resources and guidance needed to propel them to their next level of growth and value. In this episode, you’ll learn more about the changing CPG space from direct to consumer purchase versus online. Wayne gives his own unique viewpoint on his investment thesis, challenges and risks as well as opportunities to pursue.  

About VMG Partners- VMG works intimately with founders and leaders of branded consumer product companies, providing the resources and guidance needed to propel them to their next level of growth and value.

Beyond capital, our value-added investment philosophy commits our deep experience, strategic guidance and passionate focus to help our partners accelerate growth, brand awareness and achieve their own definition of success.


VMG has worked closely and successfully with brands such as Ancient Nutrition, Babyganics, Bare Snacks, Daily Harvest, Drunk Elephant, Health Warrior, Humm, Justin's, KIND Healthy Snacks, Lantana Foods, Mighty Leaf Tea, Natural Balance Pet Foods, Nature's Bakery, Perfect Bar, Pirate's Booty, Pretzel Crisps, Quest, Smashmallow, Spindrift, Vega, Vermont Smoke & Cure, and Waggin' Train Pet Treats.


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In this episode Hall is joined by Anish Sheth. Anish started his career as finance lawyer before jumping into the CPG space. He decided to follow his passion and started a healthy snack  food company called World Peas based out of Austin. He gives his views on what he would tell a prospective investor before investing in a CPG company. The CPG space is constantly evolving and Anish shares his views on both sales and marketing and its evolution. In this episode Hall and Anish all talk about what big companies do to lose their credibility with consumers. Anish talks about his investment thesis and what he looks for before investing in a potential company.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by both Michael Gord and Rasheed El-Hindi of MLG Blockchain. MLG Blockchain is a global consulting and development firm that builds solutions using blockchains and smart contract technology. We are headquartered in Toronto and New York City with a decentralized team that provides end-to-end solutions for startups, enterprise and government clients. MLG is a blockchain agnostic firm with expertise that covers all aspects of the ecosystem. Our years of industry experience and international network will accelerate your understanding and implementation of blockchain technology to stay competitive. In this episode, you’ll learn about Michaels and Rasheeds backgrounds before entering the crypto sector and what advice they have for those investing in Crypto startups. They discuss the state of investing in blockchain, how the industry is evolving. Michael and Rasheed also offer their insight on the landscape for investing and how  it has changed in the Blockchain sector.


More from this episode:


Both Rasheed and Michaels  investment thesis for this sector

How they came to that thesis?

Challenges and Risks

What are the challenges in the blockchain space

They talk  about the risks they see in this space

And the immediate opportunities to pursue

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Lisette Tellez of Ocean Azul Partners. In this episode, Lisette speaks about the Dorm Room Fund, a student run venture fund that invested in student startups. The Dorm Room Fund invested in twelve student run startups per year. Lisette currently works with Ocean Azu Partners and she speaks about criteria, they look at team, product, market and investment fit. You’ll also learn Lisette’s thoughts on agriculture as a sector and innovation. She also shares her views on what other sectors she sees coming up that she finds interesting.


About Ocean Azul Partners- Ocean Azul Partners is a venture capital firm in Miami, Florida. Our fund was inspired by success. We invest in startups and early stage companies across various industries including, but not limited to, emerging technologies and professional services. We invest seed and growth capital with a focus on founder-owned companies that enjoy transparency and collaborate effectively. We value leadership, commitment and inspired teams. We add value through our operating experience, strategic insights and relationships.

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Matthew Sullivan of QuantmRE. The interview begins with Matthew speaking about his background before engaging in the blockchain sector. Matthew has been involved in technology and finance since the late 90’s when the internet began its mass adoption. Matthew speaks about what led him to pursue the blockchain sector. Matthew believes that you only get a handful of opportunities that are as impactful as the blockchain. You’ll learn Matthew’s advice to anyone who wants to invest in the blockchain space as it is still in early development and how he believes the industry evolving.

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Daniel Cawrey of Pactum Capital. In this episode, you’ll learn how Daniel got into investing and how he landed in the crypto sector. Daniel has been into cryptocurrency since 2013 and was previously a writer at CoinDesk. Daniel gives his advice on what investors should look for in the crypto and blockchain space as well as what they might expect. In this episode, you'll also learn Daniels thoughts on how the blockchain industry is changing and evolving and where he sees it moving. Hall and Daniel also talk about the state of investing in blockchain, Daniel’s investment thesis and how he got there and immediate opportunities to pursue.


A little about Pactum Capital- Pactum Capital is a financial services firm focused on cryptocurrencies. The company offers various services:

  • Over-the-counter trading to help large stakeholders buy, sell or convert cryptocurrency.
  • Risk management utilizing over-the-counter cryptocurrency forward derivatives.
  • Pactum Fund, LP., an arbitrage fund focused on opportunities in the ethereum and bitcoin markets.

About Daniel- Daniel earned his BS in Information Science from Central Michigan University. His background is information science, including work in power systems for Consumers Energy, a public utility providing natural gas and electricity to 6.6 million of Michigan's 10 million residents. Daniel first became involved with blockchain technology in 2013 as Contributing Editor for CoinDesk, the largest information resource for the blockchain and digital currency industry. He also co-wrote the Velocity whitepaper, a decentralized derivatives concept that was prototyped on the Ethereum protocol.  

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by James Sowers an Angel Investor, and Co-Host of Exploring the Block. Before James got into early stage investing, he was always interested in buying and selling, even as a child he was self proclaimed hustler. James jumped into investing after he purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013 and then moved into crowd funding. James gives his advice to people who want to jump into the ICO space and what they should keep their eye on. The crypto, blockchain and ICO world is rapidly growing and evolving and James give us his views on its evolution and where he sees it moving. In this episode, you’ll also get James’s take on the challenges in this space,

the risks he sees and immediate opportunities to pursue.



About James- James is An experienced angel Investor, featured speaker @ MIT Media labs and blockchain strategy advisor. Mentor @ alchemist Accelerator Director @ Greater  Good Society . He is a mentor for CS359B at Stanford University Designing Decentralized Applications on Blockchain. James believes in joining the best founders in projects that are creating the future as we know it .


He as been quoted saying:

"The key to redefining a category is to see possibly where others don't".

"Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit

“Genius is hitting a target no one else can see"

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Nikolai Oreshkin of Elysium Venture Capital . After Nikolai sold his first company, one of the first private internet providers in Belarus, he moved to Silicon Valley and began to primarily focus on venture capital investment in blockchain. Nikolai shares his advice on investing in blockchain startups and what to look for. He also gives his views on how the industry is evolving and his view on what is trending. You’ll also learn his investment thesis in the blockchain sector as well as challenges and risks along the way.


About Elysium Venture Capital - Elysium Venture Capital is a premier investment management group focused on helping high growth technology companies access the global market. With strong ties in Silicon Valley, Europe, and China, the group runs venture funds, fund-of-funds, and special purpose investment vehicles across the world. Members of the group are world famous tech entrepreneurs, founders of publicly traded companies, and professional investors. With hands-on experience, Elysium VC  invests in the most promising innovative companies and bridges the gap in emerging tech across North America, Europe, and Asia.


About Nikolai- Nikolai is an investment professional and experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in bringing early-stage technology from idea to disruptive growth. For more than 5 years of investment experience across the US, Europe, and China, Nikolai was involved in over 30 transactions, including cross-border and M&A, valued at more than $1,5 billion USD. Previously, Nikolai founded an ISP and was one of the first entrepreneurs who offered internet access to people of Belarus and promoted the use of social networks. Crypto-holder since early 2011.


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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Wendy Nunnelley an Angel Investor. We kick off the interview learning about Wendy's background and how she got into investing in early stage startups. Wendy offers her own personal take and advice to people who are just starting to invest in the CPG space. Wendy and Hall speak about how the consumer product good space is always changing and evolving, where she sees it going and how the landscape has changed in investing in the CPG sector. You’ll also learn about Wendy's investment thesis and types of companies that fit into it. Wendy give her thoughts on challenges, risk and what she thinks are immediate opportunities to pursue.  

About Wendy- Growth leader and investor, skilled in strategy, planning, ops, business development, and revenue management, including pricing/promotion. Delivers on strategic, operational, and financial priorities in the short and long term. Builds a culture that drives change and growth, with a track record of developing the next generation of leaders. Investment experience in deal sourcing/screening, leading deal teams, due diligence, portfolio advisory and support. On-the-ground experience in US, Asia, Europe, and Central America.

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Abe Minkara of Mark Cuban Companies. In this episode Abe speaks about his current role as Managing Director at Mark Cuban Companies and what they do. He is part of a group that manages Marks early stage investments. Most of the early stage deals come through Shark Tank, and Abe speaks on the process that Shark Tank uses for finding startups for the program and what is looked at when coming through for an investment. They speak about companies that stood out for being being prepared and what that entails. Abe also details what happens from being on the show to actually investing and what the due diligence is. In this episode you’ll also learn about challenges and risks in investing in the consumer product goods space and immediate opportunities to pursue.  

A little about Mark Cuban Companies- Mark Cuban Companies is a venture capital firm specializing in angel investing. Mark Cuban Companies is based in Dallas, Texas.


About Abe- Abe Minkara Director of Business Development at Mark Cuban Companies Abe oversees the portfolio of Shark Tank, Tech, and CPG companies at Mark Cuban Companies. Abe also manages a team that supports these companies with accounting, business operations, ecommerce, sales, and marketing services. He received his MBA from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Pedro Anderson of Winding Tree. In this episode, you’ll learn about Pedros background and what he did before Winding Tree, a decentralized distribution platform for the travel industry. Pedro speaks about his first hand experience raising funding and launching an ICO, the groundwork for building the application as well as getting ready for the token raise. Pedro speaks in depth about the process they went through from the start and they challenges, what worked and what didn't. Hall and Pedro also speak about challenges and risks in the crypto space and immediate opportunities to pursue.     


A little about Winding Tree- Winding Tree is a non-profit foundation that drives the development of open-source protocols to allow any company, big or small, or even an individual developer, to try them out and integrate with the platform in no time.

About Pedro- Pedro Anderson, Founder and COO of Winding Tree – Pedro is a social entrepreneur, fundraiser and proponent for decentralized systems. Prior to Winding Tree Pedro sold millions of dollars of SaaS products and raised funding for numerous non-profit projects including his foundation to help disadvantaged youth start careers in hospitality. Winding Tree is a non-profit foundation that drives the development of open-source protocols for the travel industry, to allow any company, big or

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Glenn Argenbright of Quake Capital. As we kick off the interview, you learn Glenn’s background and how he got into early stage investing as well as what led him to Quake Capital. Glen has been on both sides of the table as a startup and investor, and he gives his insight on what should be looked for in early stage companies. Hall and Glenn also speak about the quickly evolving VC world and where it's headed. In this episode, you’ also learn about Quake Capitals investment thesis and specific criteria they look out for. Other key elements discussed are challenges faced by startups to achieve their goals and the main risks that stand out during deal flow for a successful exit.

A little about Quake Capital- Quake Capital is a seed and early stage venture capital fund and accelerator program. Their investments are about more than just money-- through their accelerator program, teams receive world-class coaching, personalized mentorship targeted at each company's specific needs, and access to our extensive network of investors and strategic partners.

About Glenn-  Glen is a founding partner at Quake Capital. Glenn has over 20 years’ experience operating and running a variety of private, pre-IPO, and public technology companies. He has founded over a dozen startup ventures, resulting in three public offerings, 9 exits, and billions in shareholder returns. His background includes expertise and projects in software, firmware, middleware, hardware, enterprise, SAAS, consumer goods, and Web and mobile applications.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Brian Axelrad of Beyond Capital. Brian is the Chief Investment Officer of Beyond Capital, he oversees the investment decision-making process, guides the investment due diligence process and coordinates overall investment, portfolio and fund strategy with Beyond Capital's CEO.


A little about Beyond Capital: Beyond Capital Fund is a social impact fund that invests in for-profit social enterprises throughout India and East Africa. We invest in businesses that are focused on greater access to health care, water, sanitation and energy, as well as food security and financial inclusion, which can increase the quality of life and standard of living for consumers at the bottom of the pyramid. Though we seek market rate financial returns, Beyond Capital is structured as a nonprofit, which permits us to emphasize fidelity to our social mission alongside our financial mandate. Investments in India include Frontier Markets, Karma Healthcare, ERC Eye Care (exited) and Bodhi Health. Investments in East Africa include Sanergy (Kenya), East Africa Fruits (Tanzania), Kasha (Rwanda), Numida (Uganda) and Tulaa (Kenya).


Hall kicks off this episode learning about how Brian got into early stage investing and what Beyond Capital’s focus is. In this episode, you’ll learn about impact investing, how the landscape is changing, the evolution and its impact on Beyond Capital, where it's going and what the risks are. Brian talks about how and why he got into impact investing, and offers advice to those who are interested in this type of investing.


Hall and Brian also speak about Beyond Capitals investment in East Africa and India, Brian's role and travels, challenges to long term success in the region.


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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Jonathan Heiliger of Vertex Ventures. They kick off the interview learning how Jonathan got into early stage investing as well as what his fund focuses on. In this episode, Jonathan also shares his views on:


  • The continued landscape change in enterprise software
  • Outsourcing to the cloud and how it continues to progress
  • Data governance and data privacy is coming to the forefront as witnessed by the launch of GDPR
  • Industry 4.0--digitization across the heavy industries
  • $90B of direct spend on industrial IoT will be spent
  • Blockchain and 3D printers and other technologies will eliminate spare parts and provide them upon demand.

A little about Vertex Venture: They seek founders who want to tackle fundamental challenges. People who identify with a problem or concern that’s kept them up late at night — broken tools, broken lines of communication, broken processes, broken boundaries of trust.

Sometimes this will require new skills; sometimes it will require different processes. Sometimes, it will require a completely new organization.

Whichever of these is necessary is ultimately beside the point, because there is just one result when the solution is in place and the naysayers have bought in to the vision: Things will simply be better.


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Hall is joined by Miles Lasater of Purpose Built Ventures. Purpose Built Ventures works with driven founders to help build pre/seed companies by providing capital, advice and connections. Miles is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. He founded Higher One and helped scale it to over $200mil in revenue and public offering. As founder of SeeClickFix and OneUni, he has experience with mission-driven startups. At Yale, he started the Y50k business plan competition, instigated the accelerator for student ventures and served on the selection committee. He also co-created and taught the popular Yale business school course on managing software development. He has invested in and advised dozens of companies at the earliest stages.


In this episode, we learn what Purpose Built Ventures is all about as well as their mission as a company. Miles shares what specific criteria his company looks for and his investment thesis is.

They invest at the earliest stages in companies working to increase human wellbeing expand economic opportunity and improve the public sphere.

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In this episode, Hall is joined by Fraser Hall of VFF. Fraser is a lifelong entrepreneur, activist, and technology leader who brings order and calm to fiery situations. He has a wealth of experience founding and operating both bootstrapped and venture-backed businesses – most notably: and Recon Instruments. Fraser is also a longstanding animal activist who has served as Captain for Sea Shepherd on many campaigns worldwide.


In this episode, you’ll learn how Fraser got into investing and what his focus is as well as what he looks for in a startup. Fraser talks about how he runs a micro vc fund and what they look for specifically. VFF sees about 600 deals a year and actually work with only four or five. Fraser gives insight to his advantage over a vc that has never been an operator. As a founder-led team, you are better equipped to be a recruiter and therapist for CEOs.


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In this episode, Hall is joined by Alexander Varvarenko of ShipNEXT. ShipNEXT is a digital, automated, shipping Marketplace and a Blockchain based eco-system. It not only allows an instant matching of Cargo with Ship/Transport mode, but allows for freight-auctioning, Contract management (including Smart-contracts), freight exchange, and eventually tracking.
ShipNEXT now welcomes other blockchain systems to join ShipNEXT in building an ecosystem that would include trucking companies, warehouse logistics provides, ports, suppliers of fuel and spare-parts, and regulatory bodies to create a global blockchain aiming at an automated, transparent, cost-efficient delivery of cargo (goods, dry- and wet-bulk commodities) worldwide.

In this episode, you’ll learn about Alexander’s background and he got to where he is today. Alex shares his thoughts on the state of investing in blockchain as well as his thesis on investing in this sector. Alexander speaks about blockchain and how it will definitely happen because the industrial players are looking for growth path.


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In this episode, Hall is joined by Mark Mullen of  Bonfire Ventures.


A little about Mark: Mark Mullen is co-founder and Managing Director of Bonfire Ventures. Mark has been investing in private VC-backed businesses for 17 years. Previously Mark founded and served as Managing Partner of predecessor firms Double M Partners and Mull Capital.  All of the funds focused on investing in internet, media and technology with primary emphasis on business to business software solutions. Prior to Double M Partners, Mark served as COO of the City of Los Angeles (Office of Economic Policy) and Senior Advisor to the then-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, where he oversaw several of the City’s assets including the LA International Airport (LAX), LA Convention Center, the Planning and Building & Safety Departments, as well as the Office of Small Business Services. From 1993-2007, Mark ran the international M&A and private equity group for Daniels & Associates, a boutique investment bank focused on the cable and broadband industry. Mark was a senior partner of Daniels when it was acquired by RBC Capital Markets in 2007 where he stayed until 2010 as Managing Director. Mark serves on the board of Fama, Trinity Mobile Networks, and Altice USA Inc (ATUS.N).  Mr. Mullen earned his BSBA with cum laude honors from the University of Denver in 1986 and earned his MBA in international business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in 1992. Mark has lived and worked in San Francisco, Paris, London, Denver and New York City and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

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A little about Justin and Netki: Justin is an early Internet pioneer and technology startup veteran. His last four companies: AboveNet, NetZero/United Online, Demand Media and Blackline Systems have all exited with $1 Billion + IPOs. He was responsible for architecting each company’s platform for global scale and preparing their data systems for Sarbox compliance. He founded The Internet Service Provider’s Consortium (the first trade association for ISPs) and was their Public Policy Director. Justin is currently the founder and CEO of Netki. Netki’s products allow companies to make blockchain applications easy to use and able to meet regulatory/compliance requirements. Justin currently serves on the Industry/Law Enforcement Portal Working Group of the Blockchain Alliance and the State Legislative Working Group of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. He is also on the Board of Directors of Adra Match Software.

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In this episode, Hall is joined by Andrew Gaiziunas of Turbadium. Andrew is a first-generation American technologist, aviator, and high-tech visionary, who has spent the last two decades creating new billion-dollar business units at Fortune 100 companies including IBM and Hewlett Packard. He is currently one of the Co-Founders and Chief Technology Officer at Turbadium. Turbadium is a platform for the tokenization of traditionally illiquid assets such as residential or commercial real estate properties.  It connects property owners directly with investors of all sizes and facilitates instant trading of real estate assets through the use of the Turbadium asset-backed cryptocurrency.

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In this episode, Hall is joined by Robert Crea of KL Gates. Robert is a financial and legal professional specializing in private equity fund formation, startup/emerging companies, corporate governance, investment adviser compliance and cryptocurrencies. As the interview kicks off Hall and Robert speak about his background and what led him to where he is today. In this episode you learn more about the state of investing in blockchain and how the industry is constantly evolving. Robert gives his views on where he sees the market going, options for issuing securities tokens, US securities laws and best practices for ICOs. You’ll also learn how he screens for quality clients, the best way to set up an ICO today, challenges, risks and other considerations. Robert also discusses what he anticipates will happen in the months and years to come in the crypto space. Robert is joining TEN Capital group as a guest speaker at the Emerge ICO Summit this October in Austin, Tx. 


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In this episode, Hall is joined by Jonathan Crowder of Intelis Capital. Jonathan is a founding partner of Intelis Capital and a member of its investment committee. Jonathan serves in all aspects of the firm’s operations, with particular focus on developing investment theses, creation of internal processes and systems, sourcing potential investments, providing operational and strategic support to portfolio companies. Jonathan speaks about his start and growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs after his dad took a shot at opening a software company which led him to take a different route in business rather than a traditional corporate job. He talks about his path after attending SMU in Dallas to his current day at  Intelis Capital. In this interview you’ll also learn his thoughts on


  • Thesis driven investors
  • Healthcare, education, and real estate and how they are at historical lows in productivity growth and ripe for expansion.
  • The differentiating factor of success in startups is a deep understanding of the customer problem and not cutting edge technology.
  • How Intelis invests in underserved ecosystems.
  • His focus on geographies including Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Research Triangle, Atlanta, and potentially others.
  • His focus on tech-enabled companies.
  • His thoughts on internal value principle- every time they meet with an entrepreneur they should get some value from it.
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In this episode, Hall welcomes Jeff Stewart of Urgent VC. Jeff is an inventor, entrepreneur and investor, focusing on technology enabled business. He’s also a blockchain enthusiast. Urgent VCs mission is to accelerate the growth of technology companies through capital investment, global expansion and opportunistic venture co-creation. Urgent is a unique hybrid between an operating company and an investment company. They invest in growth stage equities via the Global Public Offering Fund. Hall and Jeff speak about how Jeff got into early stage investing and a little about the Urgent fund and its focus. Hall asks Jeff the advantage of going public in the Asia-Pacific markets and you learn more about what Jeff looks for in startups, and the GPO fund (Global Public Offering). Hall and Jeff also dive into what they do for Series B/C investments to get companies ready for public engagement.  


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In this episode, Hall welcomes Breanna Faye of Rloop Incorporated. Breanna is a trained architect, designer and Experience Design Lead at rLoop, a SpaceX award-winning, globally-distributed organization currently developing the Hyperloop. With a background in MIT’s Media Lab and Department of Advanced Urbanism, her research emphasizes the link and impact between cities, people, and transportation technologies. Her experience has led her to tackle projects from urban scale to product scale, including the hyperloop, autonomous vehicle concepts, and gps-enabled bike helmets. With rLoop, the aim is to decentralize high-technology and design solutions by utilizing Blockchain and crowdsourcing technology. Hall and Breanna talk about Best practices for starting and running a blockchain company and blockchain trends. In this episode, you’ll also learn Breanna’s advice to people investing in blockchain startups as well as challenges, risks and immediate opportunities to pursue. Breanna is joining us as a guest speaker this October at the Emerge ICO Summit in Austin Texas.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Paul Foley, co-founder and CEO of Smart Capital, an equity crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to invest in venture funds for the very first time.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Amos Schwartzfarb, managing director of Techstars Austin, a horizontal accelerator that focuses on the founding team and their ability to build a big business. Amos talks about the importance of finding a CEO that has a track record of "getting things done" and is passionate about their business.

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Daniel is a well-known prolific Silicon Valley SuperAngel/advisor in 115+ seed to A round startups who has invested alongside the most successful and famous Angels and VCs alive today, enjoying exclusive access to the next Valley unicorn and decacorn deals.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin interviews JP Bauman of Altira Group. JP is a Principal at Altira Group, a Denver-based venture capital firm that works closely with entrepreneurs to provide funding for emerging software and technology companies that are helping meet the increasingly complex digital and operational challenges of today’s energy industry. JP has extensive experience investing in and building value in growing businesses. He is responsible for all aspects of the investment process at Altira, including deal sourcing, due diligence and structuring, as well as serving in operational advisory roles for portfolio companies. He currently serves on the board of Seeq Corp, Agile Upstream, and FlexGen Power Systems. Hall and JP speak about how Altira focuses on the energy space- in particular technology and software in the oilfield. Hall and JP also discuss what is happening in the industry today that makes now the right time to invest.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin welcomes Shruti Gandhi of Array Ventures.  Shruti is the founder and managing partner of Array Ventures. Array invests in enterprise deep tech early stage companies. Shruti spent her early career as a developer on mainframe security, collaboration tools, and data analytics. Post engineering, she was investing in early stage companies at True Ventures and Samsung's venture fund. She has an MBA from University of Chicago and MS from Columbia University. In this episode, you’ll learn about Array VC’s Investment in AI, Robotics and other technology that impacts industries not yet touched by technology as well as their unique twist to venture capital. Arrays team of investors, advisors, and mentors is invaluable and contributes to the success of your company and the fund. They are in it with you and want to understand who would be your ideal customer. If they can help bring them onboard then it's an easy investment decision for them.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview Erica Duignan Minnihan of 1000 Angels.
Erica is the Managing Partner at 1000 Angels, a private digital venture investment network. They provide a platform for high net worth individuals, family offices, and Venture Funds to make direct investments in a curated selection of high-growth, early-stage investment opportunities. They typically invest in companies raising Seed and Series A rounds, and focus primarily on the technology sector, although they are open to all opportunities with exceptional risk adjusted return potential. Hall and Erica discuss a number of topics including Erica’s path from the investment banking world to the startup world to invest in the seed and Series A stage. They speak about 1000 Angels and how they work with accredited investors and provides a pipeline of companies seeking funding. 1000 Angels is a digital venture investment network for accredited investors looking to build a portfolio of direct private equity investments at the Seed and Series A stage.


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In this episode, Hall interviews Cain McClary, MD is the founder and Managing Partner of KdT Ventures. Cain talks about how he started a VC fund focused on the intersection of healthcare/science and computation.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Andrey Morozov, founder of FinHub Global Ventures in San Francisco, CA. Andrey is technology entrepreneur and investor, who has been a founder and CEO of several successful payment companies before becoming an angel investor and startup mentor. He is a regular speaker at the biggest FinTech events, such as Money2020 and Transact.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Cliff Hinrichs of Steele VC. Cliff talks about what Steele ventures invests in, and provides some examples of high quality investments such as MyRepublic and AgFunder.
Cliff and Hall discuss what angels starting out should look for.

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In this episode, Hall interviews John Hinckley, CEO and co-founder of Modern Message, creator of an online resident engagement platform for apartment communities. Since its inception in 2012, Modern Message has seen average growth of 79 percent year over year, and works with nearly 2,500 apartment communities and allows more than 1 million residents to engage with Community Rewards each month across North America.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Morgan Simon, founding partner of Candide Group. Morgan has close to two decades of experience making finance a tool for social justice. In that time she has influenced over $150B and is a regularly sought out expert on impact investing. Her first book, Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change has been featured everywhere from Harvard Business School to the United Nations.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Gaurav Chakravorty, co-founder and CIO of qplum, wealth management powered by A.I. Prior to qplum, Gaurav built one of the most profitable high-frequency trading operations at Tower Research Capital. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Kanpur, India and a Masters in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania, and is Series 3 and Series 65 certified.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Don Plotsky, Founder and Managing Partner at Uitna Partners. Don was Head of Product Development and Product Management Western Asset Management from 2002, and prior to WAM, Mr. Plotsky was Head of Global Client Service and Marketing at CDC Investment Management (now part of Natixis) and was responsible for product management and structuring. He was a Portfolio Manager at Advisors Capital Management, Equitable Capital Management and Hutton Risk Management. He has an MBA from New York University, Stern School of Business.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Navroop Sahdev, a Connection Science Fellow at MIT. Navroop works at the cutting edge of the Financial Services industry, vertical technologies (like Blockchain) and Economic theory (drawing upon Innovation, Networks theory and Complex Systems), creating valuable Business Intelligence. Her experience includes scientific research, business development, team building and business strategy. She holds a host of leadership roles in the DLT space, both as a practitioner as well as a researcher, and speaks regularly at FinTech and blockchain conferences. She also serves on the advisory boards of a tech-driven companies, across industries. Hall and Navroop speak about Framework for valuing tokens, Impact of blockchain transparency on valuation as well as Implications of the SEC regulations on token valuations. We welcome Navroop as a guest speaker at our upcoming Emerge ICO Summit.


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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with James Donnellan of  Lusso Capital. James is currently focused on launching several start-ups within the luxury travel, entertainment, technology, lifestyle and apparel industries. Also assisting in raising capital for many others too. Another focus is working with off-market investment opportunities that include but not limited to commercial real estate, sports mergers and acquisitions, oil/gas, technology, fashion, cosmetics and apparel. James talks about how he got in to investing and his journey leading to Lusso Capital. In this episode you’ll also learn Lussos investment thesis, what Lusso looks for when investing, their criteria and what they like.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Andrew Heintzman of InvestEco. InvestEco’s main focus is investing in expansion-stage companies in North America that promote health and sustainability in the food and agricultural sector. Their companies typically have between $1 – 30M in revenue at the time of their initial investment, and they aim to hold their position for about seven years. Their goal is to make a strong financial return for their investors while supporting companies that are contributing to a healthier world. Hall and Andrew talk about how Andrew got started in early stage investing as well as what InvestEco looks for in a startup. Andrew also talks about some of the specific things he looks for when investing, trends in the industry as well as how health and sustainability are driving the trend in equal parts

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Isaac Baabs of Handmade Ventures

Handmade is a mobile and software executive advisory and angel investor group that assists great entrepreneurs and new start ups in a co-founding partnership. Handmade helps teams by adding expertise, relationships, and capital from inception through Series A funding and ultimately a liquidity event. Handmade specializes in companies with mobile platforms, systems, and services among the following areas: mobile VR, mobile SaaS, advertising, monetization, Boomers, cyber security, sensors/BTLE, productivity, entertainment, and cloud. Handmade is west coast focused and does a combo executive advisory/angel investing. In this episode you'll learn about Isaacs start in early stage investing, where he began and the journey thus far. They also speak about what Handmade focuses on as well as what they look for when investing in a company or an idea. Isaac also speaks about what he thinks is the next big big thing with mobile and in the ai industry.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Mark Casady of Vestigo Ventures. Vestigo Ventures invests in early-stage financial technology companies from seed to “A” round. Vestigo’s senior staff and their twelve-member advisory board possess the unique mix of disciplines and experience needed to spot the most promising FinTech innovations. These professional peers operate at the nexus of the larger network of entrepreneurial pioneers in academia and the corporate world who are cultivating the most potent emerging technologies to meet the needs of the $12B annual market for FinTech services. Mark and Hall discuss his entry into the VC world and early stage investing. They also talk about what Mark looks for in a startup as well as what his fund focuses on.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Mark Peter Davis, venture capitalist and managing partner of Interplay VC. Interplay is a foundry and venture capital firm that builds, incubates and invests in companies.

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In this episode, Hall discusses blockchain technology with Tamim Abdul Majid, principal at OCA Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on equity investments in companies with dramatic growth potential, primarily in technology and highly-scalable services businesses. OCA invests in many industries, with a preference for technology, financial services, education and healthcare technology.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Jouko Ahvenainen, entrepreneur and co-founder of Grow VC Group, a pioneer in new funding solutions, including equity p2p investments and crowdfunding. Jouko is a founder, partner and board member in several innovative digital finance companies. Jouko is also an advisor for US, European and Asian investing and finance programs.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Craig Cummings, co-founder of Moonshots Capital. West Point graduates, Craig and his co-founder Kelly Perdew form close working relationships with the companies they back to help them achieve their critical milestones and frequently take on board seats or formal advisory roles. Moonshots often backs companies led by military veteran entrepreneurs.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Jefre Outlaw of Colorado-based Sprout Tiny Homes. Jefre talks about how he got into real estate investing, and more specifically the tiny home industry. Jefre explains how the tiny house market has developed, and where he sees the future of that market heading. Hall and Jefre discuss innovations in the real estate space, and how developments in the tiny house market may lead to changes and investment opportunities in the real estate market as a whole.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Jorge Newbery of AHP Servicing, the world’s first crowdfunded distressed mortgage platform.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Nicholas Smith of Southern Methodist University. Nicholas was selected for SMU Maguire Energy Institute's "Spindletop Fund" Investment Program 2017-2018, and is one of 30 students that analyze, track, pitch, and invest part of the SMU Endowment in energy equities each year.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Venk Shukla of Monta Vista Capital. Monta Vista Capital is the only institutional investor that truly lives by the concept of putting the entrepreneur first. They focus on early stage B2B companies that possess strong industry transforming IP, as well as founding teams who are subject matter experts. Venk talks about how he got into early stage investing after his beginning as serial entrepreneur. Hall and Venk speak about his investment thesis and what criteria he looks for. Venk shares what areas Monta Vista focuses on his take on competitive advantage.


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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Vic Pascucci of Lightbank. Lightbank is a seed and series A venture capital firm known for its entrepreneurial DNA, proprietary investment opportunities and track record of outsized returns. Lightbank is sector agnostic and entrepreneur driven but I focus on fintech, insurtech, reg tech and enterprise technologies applicable to financial services. Jake talks a little about he got into early stage funding. Hall and Jake talk about what Lightbank looks for when investing. They also discuss what sectors excite Vic the most (fintech)  and where he expects to see the biggest industry changes.


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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Erika Hersh of PeopleFund. PeopleFund provides small business loans as well as business assistance and education to people with otherwise limited access to such resources. Since being founded in east Austin in 1994 as Austin Community Development Corporation, PeopleFund’s financial and educational assistance has helped create thousands of jobs and empowered an even greater number of Texans on a path to financial stability and independence. PeopleFund is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and operates as a non-profit 501(c)(3) serving all of Texas. Hall and Erika talk about her start in the banking world and her background. They also speak a little about what type of business PeopleFund works with and their criteria. Erika also shares some success stories that she has worked with.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Jake Ryan of Tradecraft Capital. Hall and Jake discuss how Jake made his break into early stage funding. They also speak about Jake’s foray into crypto assets and what they look for when investing. He also talks about how he assesses value when looking at crypto assets. Jake speaks about how he handles the different variables of tokenomics and his opinion on a well aligned token.  

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Brad Zapp of Connetic Ventures. Hall and Brad talk about how Brad got into venture capital. They also discuss what Connetic Ventures looks for an invests in when funding deals. In their talk, you’ll also learn about angel groups in Brad’s area and how they tend to invest as well as what sectors they are in. They also touch on venture capital moving into the midwest and what Brad feels the challenges and opportunities are.    

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Gleb Davidyuk, managing partner of iTech Capital. Hall and Gleb speak about about Gleb’s entrance into venture capital. Gleb has almost 20 years of private equity experience in both Western and Eastern European private equity funds. Prior to founding iTech Capital Gleb spend 5 years (2005-2010) as a Partner with Mint Capital, midsized Scandinavian private equity fund actively investing in the Eastern European market. In this episode, you’ll learn about iTech and what they for and what they invest in. They also discuss blockchain and ICO level deals and what their criteria is as well as their investment thesis around blockchain. Gleb also shares his thoughts on moving non blockchain to blockchain and if it is a viable path for companies.     

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with  David Arcara, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Laconia Capital Group. David has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and general manager of young high-growth and turnaround media and marketing businesses, both digital and traditional. David has raised, either as lead entrepreneur or as part of the founding team, nearly $100 million dollars of angel and venture funding. Hall and David speak about Davids entry into venture capital and his background. They also speak about Laconia and the type of funds they deal with, including key metrics. David also speaks about challenges in working with family offices as they move into the venture space.  


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In this episode, Hall interviews William "Bill" Davis, Managing Director of Technology and Investments with LDJ Capital. William is an advisor to funds and individual investors in New York City, and has held positions of Senior Advisor, CIO, COO and President of emerging technology firms globally. He draws some of his expertise from an extensive background with large firms and established technologies, practices, policies and procedures. William created a Strategic Plan for Banking at American Express which contributed modestly to a quick emergence from the credit crisis with $3b in earnings while competitors took loses during the period. He is also at the forefront of leadership in the emerging industries of Mobile Micropayments and Virtual Currency/Loyalty.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Rob Schultz, Managing Partner with Serra Ventures and Serra Capital. Rob is a seasoned business executive with over 25 years of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Previously, Rob was a Managing Director at Illinois Ventures, and is a founding member of the Illinois Emerging Technology Funds. At Illinois Ventures, Rob helped start and fund companies that commercialized technology invented at the University of Illinois, and he was the founding investor of ShareThis, the largest sharing network in the world. As an entrepreneur, Rob was the founder and CEO of DigitalWork, Inc., a SaaS based marketing automation company, and founder of Nequity, as a subsidiary of Signet Bank that was acquired in 1997.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Praveen Varshney of Varshney Capital, a venture capital, merchant banking, and corporate advisory services firm with a specialization in public venture capital. Praveen has been a driving force in the Vancouver business world. He is a long-time member and past President of the Vancouver chapter of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization and a founding director of the Vancouver chapter of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE). Mr. Varshney was a 12-year member of the Sauder School of Business Faculty Advisory Board, a former Director of The Vancouver Board of Trade, and a past recipient of Business in Vancouver’s 40 Under 40 Awards. He is also a director of the Varshney Family Charitable Foundation, a SVP Vancouver Partner, a Director of, and a Founding Member of

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In this episode, Hall interviews Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar. Henry is Founder and CEO of Rocket Dollar, which helps people invest retirement income in start-ups, real estate, peer-to-peer, and more. A successful entrepreneur and certified financial planner, Henry was the founder of the venture capital backed robo-advisor retirement plan platform Honest Dollar (acquired by Goldman Sachs), and MY Group LLC (acquired by CAPTRUST), a $2.5 billion assets under management investment firm. He was a Merrill Lynch Vice President, and proudly serves as a Central Texas Angel Network Partner, Techstars + Capital Factory mentor, and NextGen Venture Partner.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Nathan McDonald of Keiretsu Capital. Nathan is is a Managing Partner and CEO of Keiretsu Capital. Nathan brings a unique entrepreneurial business and organizational development background developed during many years of hands-on, active leadership and operational experience. As one of the Northwest's leading organizers of entrepreneurial and investor relations-focused media and funding events, he has facilitated scores of engagements and successfully promoted hundreds of privately financed high-growth companies. Hall and Nathan jump in and discuss how Nathan got his start in the venture capital investing world. In this episode you'll learn about the key criteria Keiretsu Capital looks at before investing as well as the early exit process for entrepreneurs.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Marius Ghenea of 3TS Capital Partners. Marius talks about he got into investing with his start as a serial entrepreneur. 3TS Capital Partners is one of the leading European technology focused private equity and venture capital firms. 3TS provides expansion capital and buyout funding for small and medium-sized businesses in growth sectors including Technology & Internet, Media & Communications and Technology-Enabled Services. Investors in the current and past 3TS funds totaling over 300 million include EIF, EBRD, Cisco, OTP, Sitra, 3i and KfW among others. They speak about 3TS Capital and what they seek when investing- sector, stage and revenue level before 3TS will engage. They also discuss sectors that Marius thinks have the most potential for growth. Marius speaks on blockchain and his thoughts on ICOs.  

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Tamim Abdul Majid of OCA Ventures. Tamim has over seven years of experience in technology, finance and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining OCA Ventures, Tamim worked at a private strategic advisory firm helping companies secure international contracts with foreign national buyers. Tamim was also the financial lead for a payment start up called FreeBeePay. Before that, he was an investment banking analyst at BMO Capital Markets (focused on mergers and acquisitions), and a tax advisory associate at KPMG. Tamim got his initial exposure to entrepreneurship and venture capital when he was on the founding team of Stir Inc, which was an augmented reality gaming platform. Tamim was involved with product development and marketing. He also helped  secure angel investment for the company. Hall and Tamim speak about OCA Ventures investments and what they are seek when making decisions. They also discuss what sectors Tamim gets most excited about.

OCA Ventures is an early stage (Seed, Series A, and Series B) venture capital firm focused on equity investments in companies with dramatic growth potential, primarily in technology and highly-scalable services businesses. OCA invests in many industries, with a preference for technology, financial services, education and healthcare technology. Founded in 1999, the firm is investing out of its fourth fund in companies spread throughout the United States.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Clint Korver of Ulu Ventures. Clint is a Managing Director and co-founder of Ulu Ventures, a $50m seed stage venture firm investing in enterprise IT companies from Stanford and Silicon Valley. An active supporter of entrepreneurship within the Stanford community, Clint taught entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering; mentors at StartX, Stanford’s accelerator; and co-founded Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, an alumni group with over 1000 members. Over the last 9 years, Clint and his partner Miriam Rivera have invested in over 80 startups. 50 have come from the Stanford community including Palantir, SoFi, Krux (acquired by Salesforce), and Blue River Technology (acquired by John Deere). Prior to Ulu, Clint was a serial entrepreneur, co-founding four Silicon Valley startups which provided tools to help individuals or organizations make better decisions. He co-authored Ethics for the Real World (Harvard Business Press 2008), is a Kauffman Fellow, and holds a PhD and an MS in engineering from Stanford, and a BA in mathematics from Grinnell College where he served as Chair of the Board of Trustees. In this episode, they speak about Clints entrance into the startup world and how he became a venture capitalist. They speak about Ulu Ventures and what type of investments they make as well as the funding process.


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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Kari Sulenes of Project Atlas. Project Atlas is an expression of Kari’s passion and doctoral work in holistic wellness and authentic leadership.  She contributes 10 years of experience working with organizations and program development and a doctorate in clinical psychology and organizational behavior. Kari is known as a warm presence and a great listener.  She is constantly seeking opportunities to catalyze people into their most productive and authentic selves at home and at work. In this episode they talk about how emotional intelligence skills affect founders. They also touch on how Project Atlas works and how they came to form and how they help founders to be effective leaders and emotionally developed individuals.  

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with David Gold of Access Venture Partners. David is a Managing Director at Access Venture Partners. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with Special Honors from the University of Colorado and was a National Science Foundation Fellow while earning Masters Degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Technology Policy from M.I.T. He has experience in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, healthcare IT, software, web and internet. Davis also has diverse experience as an venture capitalist, entrepreneur, executive, engineer and in public policy. Access Venture Partners invests in early stage technology companies with a passion for helping entrepreneurs build phenomenal fast growing businesses. They have invested in over 65 companies that have collectively raised over $1 billion in equity capital and employ nearly 4,000 people and growing. Access is an entrepreneur-focused fund. They pride themselves on the value they add to  portfolio companies beyond the capital they invest including involvement in business strategy, recruiting, fundraising and ultimate exit of the business. In this episode Hall and Graham talk about Graham's thoughts on the blockchain world and what specific verticals and applications he looks for. They also talk about ICOs and what Graham looks for inside before investing.



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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Graham Forman of Edovate Capital. Edovate Capital is a seed and early stage venture capital company whose leadership invests in companies that lead innovation in the education market. They know firsthand the pains and gains of growing early-stage companies into successful firms and have passion and experience in the education market. They look for outstanding people to partner with for the long term who have products or services that will transform education. Graham is the founder and managing director of Edovate Capital and has been an early-stage investor and entrepreneur since 2001. For the last decade and a half he led sales, marketing, and business development for three early-stage, high-growth SaaS businesses selling to the education market.

Most recently he served as Vice President of Business Development for Netchemia, LLC, a venture-backed cloud-based software company serving the K-12 marketplace where he led new business development and strategic partnerships. During his eight-year tenure the company grew to more than 2,000 school district customers throughout the United States. Netchemia was acquired by Vista Equity Partners and merged with PeopleAdmin in February 2015. He also served in leadership roles with high-growth tech startups Yearmovie and eCivis, LLC. In this episode Hall and Graham talk about what he looks for when making investments. They also speak about on for profit coding schools and investing as well as opportunities in the education field and challenges he sees.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Greg Beaufait of Dundee VC. Greg joined Dundee VC in 2013 and now leads their investment efforts in Minneapolis. Greg started out as an intern at Dundee VC , before graduating from the Heider College of Business at Creighton University with degrees in Finance and Economics. Throughout his time at Dundee VC, Greg has touched every aspect of the work they do, from investor reporting to raising capital to testing out an AngelList syndicate for two investments in 2015. Greg primarily focuses on deal sourcing, investments, and portfolio company management. Hall and Greg speak about what type of seed deals they look at and how they get considered at Dundee VC. Greg speaks on his views about what he feels is the next big thing with investing as they discuss ICO’s, Blockchain and tokenomics. 

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Sarah Millar of City Light Capital. Sarah is an Investment Associate at City Light Capital, where she focuses on early stage investments in education, energy, environment, and safety and security. Sarah joined City Light after completing her MBA and a short Fellowship with Endeavor, a nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurship in emerging and frontier markets. During her two years at Wharton, she held internships with two impact investors based in Mexico City (IGNIA and Adobe Capital), and another internship in business development for an e-commerce startup in the city. She also served as a consultant for multiple impact organizations, including local and global impact funds and nonprofits. City Light is an early stage venture fund, specifically an impact investing fund focused on backing experienced entrepreneurs with businesses that matter. They focus on companies in the education, environment and safety sector. Hall and Sarah speak about the social and financial impact of both the entrepreneur and investor as well as factors they look at when determining who is in or out on their fund.




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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Adam Draper of Boost VC. Adam is the founder and managing director of Boost VC. Adam is a 2x entrepreneur and a 4th generation venture capitalist. Boost VC invests primarily in sci-fi related technology with a focus on crypto and VR. Adam talks about what they are looking for when bringing a company into their accelerator and funding and deciding factors. Hall and Adam also discuss crypto and blockchain and what Adam is looking for in successful companies and most promising sectors in the space. 

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Nate Nead of Nate Nead is an experienced M&A advisor and investment banker who has successfully managed numerous middle-market deals in real estate, software, hardware, digital marketing, agribusiness, consumer products, professional services and oil & gas. An experienced entrepreneur, Nate has founded, operated and exited several digital media, SaaS and software companies, growing them from startup to multi-million dollar market leaders. He brings a wealth of both operational and transactional understanding to the team. In this episode, you’ll learn about they type of deals that Nate really likes and a little about what red flags he looks for. They also speak a little about token offerings and the direction they are going.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Allison Baum of Fresco Capital. Allison Baum is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Fresco Capital.  Prior to Fresco, Allison was an early member of the team at General Assembly, a global network for education and career transformation specializing in today’s most in-demand skills, where she developed and launched the company’s first part-time and full-time programs for technology, business, and design in New York.  In 2012, she relocated to Hong Kong to launch their first business in Asia.  Previously, she was a member of the Equity Derivatives team and Cross Asset Sales teams at Goldman Sachs in New York City. Fresco Capital is a global early stage venture fund. Fresco invests in companies at the seed stage and helps them grow by planning strategy to expand globally.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Brian Parks of Bigfoot Capital. Hall and Brian speak a little bit about Brian's entry into venture funding and how Bigfoot Capital started. Bigfoot Capital provides seed-stage debt capital solutions for SaaS Stallions. Brian's background is a hybrid of Finance Services and SaaS. He has founded two companies, led both operations and finance, led data and analytics as well as contributing to sales and marketing. His background has led him to where he is today, leading Bigfoot Capital. Their purpose is to support the efficient growth of SaaS companies that are providing their product to U.S-based small businesses. In this episode, they also discuss the criteria for Bigfoot Capitals range of funding, some common mistakes seen in startups and how they handle challenges along the way.

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Hall Martin welcomes Paul O’Brien of media tech ventures. In this episode you’ll get to learn all about Paul’s vision of media tech and how he feels the groundwork should be laid for a viable community.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Roger Chen of Silverton Partners. Silverton Partners has been around for 15 years and currently investing out of their fifth fund. A technology investor prior to joining Silverton, Roger was a Principal with Genacast Ventures in New York, a leading seed-stage VC firm affiliated with Comcast Ventures. He previously spent time with Comcast Ventures and Fontinalis Partners, and has been a consultant to several West Coast VCs. Prior to venture capital, Roger spent time at various tech firms including Google as a Product Manager for Google Maps.

Hall and Roger discuss Roger’s thoughts on entering the VC space and what surprised him the most. They also speak on some of the key skills needed to be successful as a VC and some of the key trends happening.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Art Shectman of Elephant Ventures. Art is an MIT engineer by training, who founded Elephant Ventures because he had a vision of bringing great people together and giving them the space and means to play and explore. His underlying philosophy in life is also his core philosophy in business – “our differences make us better,” and every day, Art encourages people to tap into their unique strengths to share a new perspective with the people around them.

Hall and Art speak about Art's biggest success: a social impact venture company called Ultra Testing.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Tahira Dosani, Managing Director of Accion Venture Lab. Hall and Tahira speak about her background in management consulting as well as what Accion Venture lab is and what they do. Accion Venture Lab is an investment initiative that drives financial inclusion globally. They invest capital in and provide support to innovative fintech start-ups that increase access to, improve the quality of, or reduce the cost of financial services for the underserved at scale.

Hall and Tahira talk about seed funds, and what criteria they are looking for in startups and technology.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Matthew Le Merle of Keiretsu Capital, the world’s largest angel network and most active early stage US venture investor, backing more than 175 companies a year.

Hall and Matthew discuss Matthew’s background prior to becoming an investor as well as how he got started into angel investing. They also speak about blockchain technology and how it affects the investing world.

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With 20 years’ experience in the technology sector, Andrew manages GrowthX's operations and communications, startup sourcing and the Investment Committee and works closely with GrowthX Corporate clients. Andrew is a Kauffman Fellow, Regional Board Member of Venture for America, and a proud Mentor at Alchemist Accelerator, WeWork, Galvanize and Matter.

In this episode, Andrew discusses his early career as a lawyer for several prominent Tech pioneers including AltaVista, Yahoo, and Salesforce. Andrew talks about GrowthX's mission as a venture platform deploying capital talent and know-how.

Andrew and Hall discuss three important venture capital trends.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Lou Doctor, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. They speak about his background and what he has been doing recently. They also discuss what he looks for in deals as an angel investor.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Magdalena Yesil, founder of Broadway Angels. Magdalena talks about being not only an author, but both an entrepreneur and investor. They speak about her journey with being a founding investor and board member of Salesforce, a CRM platform.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Jonathan Nelson of HACK Fund: Liquid Venture Capital. The HACK fund is a liquid venture fund built on the blockchain by Hackers/Founders (H/F). Investors can buy, sell, and trade HACK tokens through online exchanges at any time In this interview they talk about the HACK fund and what it does as well as how it works.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Jaap Dekter of Amsterdam Venture Partners, they help investors fund seed and growth startups. They focus on B2B SaaS businesses primarily in Europe. Investors look to them for their metrics driven approach and in this episode, Jaap shares the metrics they should look for and how to employ them.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Daniel Carter of Windmill Investments. Daniel talks about his background in the Texas real estate market, and how they came through the real estate bubble and recession. Daniel talks about their philosophy of improving revenue rather than focusing on costs, and how attention to the smaller details of improvements can affect the bottom line.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Kyle Samani of MultiCoin Capital. Kyle talks about investing in cryptoassets, and why they are a good investment opportunity today.

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