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Show notes for Episode 11 of ANGEL CONNECT PODCAST:
Vinod of PeachTree from TieCon Silicon Valley 2014==================================================
In this episode of the ANGEL CONNECT PODCAST SHOW,Hall Martin interviews Vinod of Peachtree from the TieConSilicon Valley 2014 conference.
Vinod is part of Indian Angel Network, which is India's largest Angel group,which takes on investments from 100,000 dollars to 500,000 dollars.Although the investments range across the board, the specialties includetechnology, services and retail. His involvement has been sincethe late 1990s.
Vinod discusses with Hall Martin the membership structure of theAngel group -- from the structure of investments to the status ofmembership and the consulting and mentoring role of the group.
Vinod's deals focus on India, the Middle East and the SoutheastAsia geographies.
As you will hear in this audio episode, Vinod distringuishes the rolesof active investors vs. Passive investors -- of course, he wouldprefer more involvement with investors to become ACTIVE.
Vinod also describes the syndication strategies from theinstitutional members, especially across worldwide parties.
He includes examples of a very successful round, as well asa challenging one in his experience.In addition, he provides some suggestions for an aspiringAngel Investor, including the preparation for enteringthis arena.
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