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In this episode, Hall T. Martin interviews Julie Smith, director of Medici Ventures. Medici Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc., created to manage and oversee the company’s investments in firms building solutions leveraging and servicing blockchain technologies. Hall and Julie speak about Medici's investments in cryptocurrency and their goal of advancing blockchain.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin interviews Chris Marks, the founder and managing partner of Blue Note Ventures. Chris has been investing in early-stage technology companies and working with entrepreneurs for over 15 years. They speak about Blue Note's investments, and Chris talks a little about the company, as well as what Blue Note looks for in a startup.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Randy Goldsmith, founder and director of Rapamycin Holdings. Rapamycin Holdings is a San Antonio-based company that is developing and commercializing a patented oral formulation of Rapamycin for the prevention of cancer progression and recurrence. Hall and Randy discuss his background in the industry. They also discuss the FDA process and challenges as well as measuring progress.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Brett Hurt of is an Austin-based platform that helps people who work with data solve problems faster by creating new ways to discover, prep, and collaborate. Brett and Hall speak about Brett's journey in angel investing and he came to found They also speak about entrepreneurs and their missions, as well as what advice Brett would give.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Vaughn Blake, the managing director of Autochrome Ventures, an inception and seed stage venture capital fund. They speak about Autochrome and their VC model and focus on applied frontier and emerging technologies. Hall and Vaughn also discuss how Autochrome came to focus on underserved technologies in the space.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Ryan Pollock of Iron Gate Capital. Ryan joined Iron Gate Capital in March 2013 and is a Managing Director. They speak about Iron Gate and their investment portfolio. Hall and Jeremy also discuss startups and their business models as well as what Iron Gate looks at when investing. They touch on both sales and marketing and the dilemma of how to make it more productive.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Jeremy Arendt of Cottonwood Venture Partners, a Texas-based venture capital firm partnering with companies that provide digital solutions for the oil & gas industry. They speak about CVP and their investments. They also speak about key sectors in the oil and gas industry and how they focus on the digital space. Jeremy also speaks a little about the focus and funding of their investments and how Cottonwood Venture Partners approaches investment.

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