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Data Monetization Models

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There are several data monetization models for startups 

Sources of data come from a large network of customers, in depth content, or heavily trafficked websites.

Consider these for your startup.

Data as a service -- takes data generated by the startup and makes it available to other companies. 

For example, weather data captured by one startup can be sold to other companies.

The data is captured by the software and then made available in machine readable form to other companies’ websites. 

An automatic feed continuously generates the data and sends it to other sites.

Direct data transfer -- takes data directly from the startup and sells it to other companies.

This could be a customer list with email addresses.

This works well when you have a list of customers that others want to sell to.

Data augmentation -- taking other data sets and combining with your own to create a new data set that is more valuable.

A startup could take their customer list and augment it with data from other sources to provide a richer set of data to sell to other companies.

For example a startup could take their customer list and add contact and location information and sell it to other companies.

Automating this process makes the data more valuable as it reduces the friction between source and use cases.

Consider these data monetization models for your startup.

More analysis often leads to higher monetization levels.


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