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Business Model Examples for Data

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There are several business models used for monetizing data.

Here are some of the more commonly used ones:

Brokerage -- this model matches data providers for data users for a fee.

There are thousands of data sets available and many of them are not easily found.

Bundling -- this model combines several data sets together to provide a new data set.

By combining multiple data sets from different sources, new value can be created.

Data as an asset -- this model sells data that is valuable by itself.

An example of this is a customer list of a specific product.  Companies selling similar products purchase it to promote their product.

Subscription -- this model provides a continuous stream of data.

An example of this is a weather data feed which is required by those providing weather apps.

Aggregation -- this model provides a list of sources for a product or service.

Sites providing home contractor services require a list of contractors as one example.

This is often used for advertising and promotion. 

Pay-per-use -- this model provides data as needed and charges for each unit.

An example is email generation which generates an email for each contact or verification of an email.

Consider these business models for your data set.


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