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Pre-Seed Product Work

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In the early stages of the startup before the product is designed and launched, there’s product management work to be done.

Consider these points for the pre seed stage product work:

Focus on the problem the customer has.

Understand it very well. 

Don’t get your heart set on  a specific instantiation of the product.  

Early stage products will morph and change over time.

Set intermediate goals for customer research, MVP designs and customer feedback.

Adopt the fail forward attitude.

Look for fast failures so you can move the project forward more quickly.

Create a short list of customers you can contact and get immediate feedback.

Launch several MVPs and vary the scale and scope of them.

Not everything must be built into a product to get feedback.

Some MVPs can be small experiments such as a web page capturing the number of users landing and converting.

Other MVPs can be actual products the customer can use. 

Set up your team to capture customer input from all sides.

Share customer feedback with everyone on the team on a regular basis.

Product management in the early stages focuses on a core set of customers and problems to be solved.


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