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Startup Boards -- Early Exit Deal Structure

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Investing in startups is risky. One way to reduce the risk is to define the exit. 

TEN Capital’s Early Exit term sheet is a convertible note with a 3X in 3-year redemption right at ‘investor sole discretion’ to provide the investor an option for an early exit. 

The investor receives 3 times their investment 3 years from the date of investment.  

So, $100K in yields $300K out.

A 3X return in year three from the initial investment yields an IRR of 44%.   

‘Investor sole discretion’ means each investor makes their own choice about continuing in the investment or not at year 3.

If the investor takes the early exit, then a payment plan is worked out.

There are several benefits, such as:

  • Let's you define the exit for your investment since most startups raising equity funding cannot 
  • Provides the option of short-term exit or long-term equity investment
  • Gives the startup the opportunity to prove itself, and then the investor chooses between holding a short or long-term investment.
  • Easier to implement than revenue-based funding


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