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In this episode, Hall is joined by Vikram Lakhwara, Co-founder and Managing Director of Green Cow Venture Capital (GCVC) which is a sector-agnostic, early-stage, micro venture capital fund “backing dynamic founding teams solving global market problems around inefficiency and scarcity using greenfield technologies.” They invest at the Seed+ and Series A stages and their average seed deal check size is $450K.

Vik has been in the venture capital world for many years. Prior to co-founding GCVC, he worked at Wilson Sonsini, a globally-renowned law firm in the technology and life sciences sector where he was the Manager of Start-Ups & Venture Capital.

Vikram speaks about the challenges faced when co-founding GCVC and although difficult, what made it exciting and worthwhile. 

Visit Green Cow Venture Capital at 

Vikram can be contacted via LinkedIn at on  @vlakhwara and via email at 

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