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In this episode, Hall welcomes William Bissett, President and Founder of Portus Wealth Advisors and podcast host at Charlotte Angel Connection. Portus Wealth Advisors is a Private Wealth Management firm based in Charlotte, NC and serves clients across the country.  

William began his career in insurance sales, then moved on to a job at a wealth-management firm. After a number of years, he then moved on to his own business, but soon realized that he wasn't the right person to run it long-term. After an exit there, a colleague suggested to him that 'because he had a lot to offer' he check out the Charlotte Angel fund. As they say, the rest is history.

William speaks about the evolution of the angel-investing world, the challenges faced and what excites him. He also gives advice to investors and entrepreneurs.

Visit Portus Wealth Advisors at, Charlotte Angel Connection at and the Charlotte Angel Fund at

William can be contacted via LinkedIn at, on Twitter at, or via email at

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