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In running an angel group, it’s important to provide regular reports to the investors about the investments as well as the state of the group. 

For individual investments, negotiate regular updates from the startups to include the following:

  • Sales reports tracking leads, pipeline, and closed sales on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Financials, including income statements for the past month and year to date, as well as cash flow projections.
  • Team changes, including new hires, promotions, and departures.
  • Product announcements and upgrades.
  • Fundraise status if continuing to raise capital.

For groups with a fund, provide the following information on a quarterly basis:

  • Funds raised and deployed to date.
  • Summary of each investment including current revenue, growth rates, and progress report by the CEO.
  • Exits, including the return of capital as well as business shutdowns.
  • Fund metrics, including distributed to paid-in called DPI, the total value to paid-in ratio called TVPI, as well as internal rate of return IRR.
  • Include the list of portfolio companies with a short summary of each.

It’s important to set up a reporting structure so the members can keep track of the progress of both individual investments and funds.

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