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Fundraise Differences by Stage

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In raising funding over the life of the startup you’ll find there are differences in the fundraise at each stage.

The goal at the Seed stage is to show you can sell the product.

At this stage, the investors will look primarily at the team since there’s little in the way of product or revenue.

You need to show a working prototype and initial customer validation though.

You must convince the investor that customers will pay for the product and use it.

At the Series A stage, the goal is to show you can grow the business.

At this stage you need to show a repeatable and predictable process for acquiring the customer, delivering the service, and retaining them.

Show a sales funnel with prospects tracking through the process of turning into customers. At the Series B stage, the goal is to show you can scale the business.

In this stage, you need to show you have growth drivers built into the business that scales the company.

This includes systems that can drive scale growth such as a partner network, sales force capability, and ability to expand into new markets with the same platform.

At each stage, the pitch deck will need to reflect the goal for the fundraiser and demonstrate what the business is doing to achieve it.


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