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It’s important to track the key metrics for your product.

Here’s a list of numbers to capture:

Customer acquisition cost -- the cost to acquire a customer.

Customer lifetime value -- the total revenue received from each customer on average.

Churn rate -- the percentage of customers dropping out each month.

Conversion rate -- the percent of customers that convert from a lead each month.

Unit sales per month - the number of total units sold each month and tracked over a six-month period.

Active users -- the number of daily and monthly active users per product.

Cost to build -- the cost to build and deliver each product.  

Gross margin per product -- the percentage of revenue after subtracting the cost to build.

Cohort analysis -- the performance of the product after making specific changes.  This is often used in A/B testing.

Cost to develop -- the cost and time it takes to create a new product.

It’s important to track this for each product to understand the contribution of the product to profitability.

It also helps in budgeting and forecasting new product development. 


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