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Product experience is the customer's engagement with the product.

Consider these customer touch points in developing the product experience:

Sign up -- this is the stage customers commit to the product and join.

Make sure you have an easy signup process that states clearly what the customer will receive.

Onboarding -- this is the stage customers set up the product for their own use.

Again, make it simple for customers to use the product.  

Design it such that the user gains a benefit from it quickly. 

Support -- provide multiple channels of support.

Provide online and on-the-phone support for the customer to get answers to their questions.

Renewals -- build automatic renewals into the product.

Remind the customer that the renewal is coming up and check for any concerns.

Upgrades -- provide updates to the product with new features.

Notify the customer of upgrades and how they will impact their use of the product.

Sharing -- give the user the ability to share their experience with the product both good and bad.

Provide a community access channel that gives the customer a chance to find additional information about the product and also share success stories.

Design the product experience up front so it’s part of the product itself.


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