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In this episode, Hall welcomes Ciarán Hynes, co-founder and Managing Partner at COSIMO Ventures, a deep technology firm specializing in Blockchain. With over ten years of deep tech market experience, Ciarán leverages his extensive network of investors, advisors, government agencies and business leaders throughout the U.S. to bring strategic benefits to these organizations.

In this episode, you’ll learn Ciarán's background before COSIMO Ventures. He has founded over seven companies, was the CEO of five and had several successful exits. In the process, Ciarán met Robert Frascar, and they worked on several startups together. Finding they had instant chemistry and worked well together, they formed COSIMO five years ago. As a reflection of the founders’ entrepreneurial background, COSIMO Ventures looks at companies from an entrepreneurial perspective and brings that knowledge to their portfolio

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A competitive advantage increases revenue by 30% over the competition or decreases cost by 30%.
Most businesses increase in value as the customer base grows and validates the product/service. Users encourage others to join the platform. This is called Network Effects.
As the number of users grow, so the value of the platform grows as well.
If a business can harness that customer base and turn it into a community that more aggressively attracts other users then it’s a competitive advantage.
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