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In this episode, Hall welcomes James Somauroo of HS. Ventures. James is a Founding Partner at HS. Ventures, which build, scales and invests in the best health tech startups. James is a health tech contributor for Forbes and hosts the HS. Health-Tech Podcast, which is listened to in 80 countries. He’s an anesthetics and ICU doctor by training, he’s held roles in leadership, management and innovation at NHS England, Health Education England and the British Medical Journal and previously directed an accelerator that provides startups with market access to the NHS, saving £48M for the UK health service. James holds degrees in biomedical sciences and education and is a guest lecturer on health tech innovation and entrepreneurship at University College London.

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Competitive advantages increase revenue by 30% over the competition or decrease cost by 30%.

A platform-based solution is a competitive advantage over a single-product company, as a platform brings an inherent cost advantage.  

Platforms reuse the research, design, architecture, and product packaging.

Customer support is also reused.

Consider adopting a platform-based approach to your business. 

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