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In this episode, Hall welcomes Kevin King, Managing Director of Texas Halo Fund. Texas Halo Fund (THF) is an investment company that specializes in investing in early-stage businesses with promising growth prospects and exceptional management teams. Their investment approach identifies compelling businesses from multiple sources and without regard to the industry or geographic location. They seek the best opportunities to generate the highest returns for investors with the lowest possible risk. Each fund invests in multiple companies in a variety of industries to construct a diversified portfolio.

Today, you’ll learn about Kevin’s background before Texas Halo Fund. He’s been in the startup industry for most of his career and has successfully run 10 early-stage businesses. Kevin advises would-be investors to have a definite plan of approach before writing a check, and not to just invest in something interesting without a little due diligence. Kevin suggests investors challenge themselves to build a portfolio of ten to twelve companies. For startups seeking funding, Kevin advises persistence and flexibility. As he explains, startups often must do a little of everything. For that reason, having a rigid approach (the "I have a skill set in a certain sector and that's what I'm going to do" mentality) can lead to unfortunate surprises when you're running an early-stage business.

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Competitive advantages increase revenue by 30% over the competition or decrease cost by 30%.

Recurring revenue is a key competitive advantage.

In today’s world you would think every business has recurring revenue. Yet, I find most businesses who are raising funding did not structure their business for recurring revenue.

Recurring revenue helps your business in several ways.

It opens up your business to new customers who could not afford your product previously because the one-time payment was too high. By breaking the payment into smaller steps, more customers will be able to afford it.

It provides an ongoing revenue stream so you can plan your business better as you know how much you will have coming in.

It helps you maintain engagement with the customer and gives you the opportunity to find new opportunities to serve the customer. 

Overall it should increase your revenue in the long run by at least 30%.

Thank you for joining us for the Startup Funding Espresso where we help startups and investors connect for funding.

Let’s go startup something today!

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