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In this episode, Hall interviews Paul McNeal of cryptomarket360, a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency information.

Paul talks about his varied background before coming to the crypto space. He and Hall talk about the state of investing in blockchain, and how the industry is evolving, and future regulatory influences. Paul discusses how the industry is moving on from ICOs to security token offerings for accredited investors.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Andrey Voronkov of Voronkov Ventures. Voronkov Ventures is an investment and consulting company working in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and provides services on ICO analytics, investment and consulting. Leaning on the its own ranking system, the company gives detailed analysis of ICOs to investors. Voronkov Ventures has developed several projects based on a principle of decentralization and using blockchain technology.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Tim Enneking, Director of Digital Capital Management. DCM focuses on managing investment portfolios of digital currencies and related assets through fund structures designed for investment by US and Non-US high net worth individuals and institutional investors, including strategic investments in promising early-stage blockchain projects.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Brett King of Moven. Brett and Hall discuss some of the fintech challenges that startups can pursue, including the growth of mobile payments, and how the bank branch model is being disrupted by startups that can provide a different experience. Brett talks about how startups are reforming the core of financial services, and how they can access the "sandbox" for testing out new services and applications.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund. Before his start in early stage investing, Brett worked in technology in Silicon Valley, as a founder, and as a product manager at Facebook and Instagram. Brett talks about his start as an investor, and his advice for new investors with a small amount of liquidity, using resources such as AngelList, or working as an unpaid advisor in exchange for a small amount of equity.

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Hall is joined by Allan May of Life Science Angels. Hall and Allan kick off this episode talking about Allens journey into angel investing that he began in 1997. They speak about Life Science Angels approach to investing in both the wet and dry science. Biology, genomics,

tools and instruments on the wet side and devices, diagnostic and catheters on the dry side as well as digital health. They speak about startups trying to raise funds in these areas and who would be a candidate and who is not. Allan gives examples of a milestone that would get him interested and excited in a deal. In this episode, you’ll also learn more about the digital health side of investing and how they decide a deal is right. Hall and Allan also discuss his general investment thesis and how is it going to make money.

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