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In this episode, Hall welcomes Robert Tushinsky, Founder and CEO of 2XL Swagger Brands.

Founded in 2012, 2XL Swagger Brands is a spirit and lifestyle brand that produces herb-infused spirits for him and her with highly-differentiated branding. 2XL’s vodka-based liqueurs are infused with a blend of herbs with known benefits in the libido and mood-boosting department. 

Robert is an innovative, high performance, serial entrepreneur with exceptional marketing, management, and communication skills. He has 30+ years of experience in marketing and executive management.

Robert shares with Hall the rather amusing story of how, as a child, he used to steal sips of his father’s alcoholic “Fruitka” concoction, not knowing at the time what is was infused with, nor why his father was taking it. Fast forward to 2012, when Robert had his “a-ha” moment! He details how 2XL was born and the huge part his late father played. He advises fellow entrepreneurs and investors interested in the space and shares some of the challenges he has faced in the sector.

You can visit 2XL Swagger Brands at

Robert can be reached via LinkedIn at /in/robert-tushinsky-19a952109/ and via email at

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