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Investor Connect Podcast

Investor Connect is for investors interested in learning more about investing in startup and growth stage companies. Experienced investors share their experiences and advice with those who are considering an investment into startups and growth companies. It includes a podcast series of interviews with investors to inform others about the process of funding startups as well as a resource list and a discussion board.  

Topics include sourcing, analyzing, and researching companies. Other topics include valuations, terms Sheets, board of directors, board of advisors, due diligence, syndicates, venture capital, angels, angel networks, family offices, crowdfunding, exits, and more.

Investor Connect is a community program. We welcome your suggestions for speakers and topics which you can send to us through the Contact page. No registration is required to use the resources.  Discussion boards are available to post and answer questions about startups and growth company investing through which registration is required.

Investor Connect is a program under the Texas Open Angel Network which is a 501(c3) non-profit dedicated to the education around startup funding.

Disclaimer: Hall T. Martin is the Director of Investor Connect which is dedicated to the education of investors for early stage funding. All opinions expressed by Hall and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of Investor Connect. This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions.

Jan 19, 2016

Show notes for, episode 17:  Ed Fikse

17. Ed Fiske shares his 7 Criteria for InvestmentIn this episode, Hall Martin of the Austin Angel Network interviews Fikse of the Baylor Angel Network (BAN). As a member of the board of the BAN, Ed delivers his seven points or criteria for investment opportunities.As you will hear in this audio episode, the seven key points which this BAN Board member highlights are:1. Look at the CEO and the management team
    - He looks for the details of the EXPERIENCE and the
     LEADERSHIP track record of the team.2.  Make sure that the team UNDERSTANDS THE MARKET   - This includes an understanding of the offerings, as well.3. Review the BUSINESS MODEL   - See what the firm will do to make money;
   - Understand how they will capture and establish VALUE;
   - Ensure that this model is sustainable.
4. Understand "how BIG is this Market?"   - Ensure that the market can support the "whole growth";


 - Review potential of emerging markets;   - See confidence that the firm will not "stall."5.  What is the competitive differential advantage?   - Does the firm have any barriers to entry for others?   - Ensure that the advantage is sustainable.
6.  Review the Personal Risk Profile (PSP)    - This should be reviewed for both pre-revenue and post-revenue environments7.  Look for a simple Capital Table    - You should understand "what you are buying"    - Get the details of the percentages of the company ownership.
Hall explores these seven criteria and highlights some scenarios for Angel Investors.