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Do You Need a Family Office

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Before setting up a family office, first consider if you need one.

Here are some key considerations to review:

Do you have the income to support a family office?

Aside from a high net worth on paper you’ll also need to fund the operations which require cash flow.

Consider the ongoing cash flow required to support a team.

There are virtual family offices which can provide the accounting and finance support without the cost of hiring full-time salaried professionals.

Avoid setting up a family office that requires outsized returns to succeed as this won’t be sustainable.

Do you have a complex set of assets and investments?

If so, you may need a family office structure to manage it.

If not, you can find a lower-cost solution through a financial advisor.

Do you have successors who can carry on the family office?

Without successors it can be difficult to maintain a family business over the long haul.

Is your estate in a high tax bracket?

A family office can reduce taxes through active management. 

Consider these points to see if you need to set up a family office.


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