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A data model is a visualization of the data showing the structure, rules, and relationships for how it works.

Here’s a list of key data models to consider for your data program:

Concept -- shows at a high level the overview of the data blocks and what they do.

Logical -- shows the data structures and the attributes of the data held.

Physical -- shows the files structures and database layouts for holding the data.

Hierarchical -- shows the relationship between the data structures using a tree format.

Network -- shows the relationship of the data structures using a network diagram.

Entity relationship -- shows the entities of data being used, their attributes, and how each entity relates to the other.

Graph  -- shows the data using nodes to represent the entity and edges which show the relationship between the nodes.

Use the data model to plan out the capture, storage, and use of the data for your program.

Break the data model into logical subsets for development and maintenance.

Set up the data model to support the goals of the overall data project. 

Use it to educate the team on the data set and how it works.

Consider these points for setting up a data model for your company.


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