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Data Terms To Know

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In working with data there are key terms used in the industry.

Here is a list of terms to know:

Data governance -- a set of rules and procedures for managing data for integrity, regulatory and security purposes.

Data warehouse -- a central repository for all the data.

Data mining -- process of extracting insights and identifying patterns in the data.

Machine learning -- the process of automatically learning and improving from experience.

Deep learning -- techniques for capturing large amounts of data and finding patterns in it. 

Diagnostic analytics -- explains why something happened.

Predictive analytics -- explains what is likely to happen.

Data visualization -- graphic representation of the data for communicating the insights of the data.

Data storytelling -- crafting a narrative to explain the insights found in the data and how it can be used.

Information design -- storing and presenting data in an understandable way.

Data literacy -- the ability to read and write data in context with reference to data sources and data analysis techniques.

Data culture -- the ability of a business to use data for informed decision making.

Know these data terms for use in your business.


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