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Types of Financial Fraud

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There are several types of financial fraud related to startups in the investment industry.

Here’s a list to consider:

Misrepresentations -- fraudsters can lie about the value, risks, and costs of financial investments.

This also includes misrepresenting the financial condition and omitting key facts.

Regulatory violations -- this includes securities law violations such as insider trading, or selling securities without a license.

This also includes failing to register securities.

IPO fraud -- this includes misrepresentations in the offering of an IPO or SPAC by misstating accounting information or omitting key information.

Misappropriation of funds -- this includes Ponzi schemes and skimming money for personal use.

Trading violations -- this includes manipulating the market through pump and dump schemes and front running.

This also includes insider trading.

Cybersecurity fraud -- this includes data breaches and protection of investor data.

Money laundering -- this includes falsifying statements in accounting books and records.

Startups operating in the financial industry should watch out for this type of fraud.


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