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How To Rebrand Your Startup

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There are several reasons for rebranding your startup.

A new name may be required due to trademark issues.

You may need to differentiate the company from the competition.

Before rebranding your startup, build a team to review the brand and create a new one. 

In rebranding your startup there are several strategies to consider:

Review the current brand positioning in the market. 

Identify what is working and not working with your current brand.

Determine what needs to change and what should stay the same.

If you are reaching out to a new market segment, research customers in the new sector.

Inventory the use of the brand in all formats and media.

This could be quite extensive for companies with a long history.

Revisit the tone, voice, and positioning of the brand.

Reformulate your brand messaging based on your promise to the customer. 

Update your brand positioning statement to include the proposed changes.

Redesign the logo with the new brand elements.

Write out the brand guidelines for the use of the brand.

Relaunch the brand with the company’s story and the reason behind the rebrand.


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