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Generating Investor Interest in Your Email

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Most investor emails are filled with stories, details, and other extraneous information in an effort to inform the investor.

This typically creates long winding emails with big blocks of text.

Instead of informing, you should intrigue the investor.

In writing an investor email the key goal is generating interest by the investor to learn more.

To generate interest consider these points:

Research the investor so you know what they are looking for and use that information in your email.

Start your email with intriguing facts about your startup such as the current traction or problem you are solving.

State in five words or less what you do as this provides context.

Once you have their attention, you must keep it.

Provide key points showing validation of your business idea and traction.

Use numbers such as metrics, market sizing, and growth rates to make your case.

Use short, concise wording.

The goal is to provide compelling information that keeps the investor reading. 

When presented with a long, rambling email most investors skim the email to find out what it’s about before committing to read it.

Make it easy for the investor to figure out what it is about.


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