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Types of AI

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There are many types of Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s a list of the types:

Narrow AI -- focuses on a single task or narrow range of functions.

Applications include image recognition, voice recognition, and translation applications.

Generative AI - focuses on a wide range of topics and seeks to generate answers to prompts.

Applications include marketing content generation, sales administration, and general education queries.

Reactive AI -- responds to a current state of the situation such as a game and responds with the next potential move.

IBM’s Deep Blue, which plays chess games, is an example.

Limited Memory AI -- uses past data to understand the situation and react to it.

Self-driving automobiles are an example.

Theory of the mind -- uses physical cues to determine the emotional or psychological state of someone.

Robotic applications that can sense human emotion through visual signals are a good example.

Self-awareness AI -- the ability to understand human conditions and detect human emotion.

This is a type of AI that is shown in films for what the future may hold.

Consider these types of AI and how they may apply to your application.


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