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Social proof is the idea that people look at others to see what they did and then copy their actions.  

The need for social proof can be found throughout the startup world.

Customers will look to see if others have bought the product before they buy it.

Investors will look to see if other investors have invested before they jump in.

It’s one of the key points of influence. 

In fact, the term "social proof" was coined by Robert Cialdini in his book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion."

There are several types of social proof one can use.

Experts:  Look for those who have expertise in a specific field.

Display testimonials from experts on your website.

Users:  Those who are already familiar with the product or the company.

Show testimonials on social media from your current customers.

Certification:  Those who have achieved certification status.

Display the certification such as FDA compliance on your pitch slides to investors.

Close contacts:  Those you know well who have some opinion.

Foster word of mouth with your fundraising to influence others to consider investing in your business.

No investor wants to be the first investor and will look for social proof from others. 


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