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Technical Debt

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Technical debt is a concept in software development that accounts for additional work to recode a program that was developed quickly rather than properly.

It’s the result of prioritizing the speed of development over the quality of code.

To manage technical debt in your business consider the following:

Define the technical debt currently in the business.

Review code segments that have undergone many updates and are no longer clean, structured code segments.

Consider the overall design of the system upfront and try and future-proof it.

Use a modular architecture so quality code can be reused.

Avoid adding more people or processes to the software development process.

Instead, apply fixes to the current processes.

Technical debt like financial debt comes with interest payments that come in the form of the technical team doing additional work to compensate for the shortcuts taken earlier.

Most startups have some technical debt in their product. 

If there’s too much technical debt this will cost the startup later by having to rework existing code.

Focus on what the business needs and compare it to what it currently has to determine how to manage technical debt.


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