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Agile Development

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Agile development takes an iterative approach to building software.

Instead of one monolithic development, agile proposes incremental changes.

Agile is a useful mental model in the startup world as it fits well with the startup dynamic.

Startups use agile development as they are still learning about customer requirements.

As the customer base expands the startup finds new requirements to build.

The startup is always reviewing the customer requirements and implementing them on a step-by-step basis.

This approach also allows for developers to learn new ways of building the software and improving the process as they go.

The development team using agile is organized with cross-functional groups and re-organizes continually throughout the project.

Instead of focusing on a fixed set of requirements to be met, the agile team focuses on the customer base through user stories and personas.

User stories show how the startup's product fits into the user's workflow.

Personas show how different types of customers use the product in different ways.

Projects are planned in stages and tracked using milestones.

Agile is the primary mental model for product development in the startup world. 


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