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How to Manage the Diligence Teams

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In running an angel group, managing the diligence process is key to successfully funding deals. 

Here are some points to consider in managing the diligence process:

Write out the diligence process for others to use and include templates and key questions to answer.

Setup a standard diligence process schedule with a number of hours for each step.

The more team members you recruit, the fewer hours each team member must commit.

Set expectations for the level of work to be done.

Put the diligence documents online along with a diligence report so everyone on the team can access it. 

Review the diligence report every few days to check progress.

Include a previous diligence report to give the diligence team an example to review for the format, depth, and analysis.

Hold weekly conference calls to check the status with the team and what challenges may arise.

Set up a communication channel with the startup as most diligence processes require more information than was initially submitted.

Give feedback on the report to show where the team should spend time -- in short, where the investors have concerns.

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