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Startup founders need to be visionary to run a startup.

Vision starts with seeing a business opportunity and applying a solution to solve it.

The founder clarifies the vision and shapes it into a platform, product, or application.

This informs the founder of all business decisions going forward.

It starts with knowing the industry and current solutions in the market.

The solution must be unique and competitive with advantages over competitors.

The vision should establish a unique product in the market.

Over time, the founder refines the vision with changes in the market.

The founder uses storytelling to communicate the need and the value that comes from the vision.

The founder must sell the vision to everyone including the team, customers, and partners.

The founder is part evangelist selling and promoting the idea.

The market must be able to see the value that comes from the vision.

The vision must inspire others to learn more and then join the effort. 

The vision is captured into the company’s tag line, mantra, and mission statement.

The vision must be established for the long term as it will undergo many refinements and clarifications.

For startup founders, vision is a key element you’ll need to run your business in the early days.  

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