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There are several approaches corporate VCs can take in setting up their venture program:

For finding innovations for current challenges the corporate VC can use collaborative innovation tools such as coding sprints, hackathons, or Xprize competitions.

For generating new business concepts, utilize accelerators by either bringing in an existing program or creating your own.

For creating new businesses, set up an incubator program either by joining an existing incubator in the area or by creating your own.

For solving specific problems, set up partnerships with entrepreneurs or venture capital firms using the joint venture model.

For investing in startups for future collaborations and projects, set up a fund and look at crowdfunding platforms, incubators, and venture capital channel partners. 

There are several tools one can use to foster the collaboration.

The venture studio model can be used for building startups from the ground up.

Crowdsourcing can provide additional tools for finding developers, technology, or business models.

Entrepreneur-in-residence programs match the startup with an existing business to provide a solution in-house.

Embedding corporate employees in a startup can also be used. 

Determine your objectives and then build your program around it.


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In this episode, Hall welcomes Adam Hull, Partner at Redbud Advisors.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Redbud Advisors is the fulcrum to your wealth. They serve as wealth strategists and focus on winning relationships in all forms. Their ideal client makes a multitude of financial decisions in a day, week, and throughout the year. Redbud brings them the strategies needed to achieve their goals and serves as a thought partner, advocate, expert, advisor, and facilitator to ensure every decision is in support of the strategy. Like the fulcrum moves to keep things balanced, Redbud moves to ensure their client has constant balance.

Adam is no ordinary person, let alone an advisor in the financial world. In high school, he was a stand leader and got all the fans in home team cheering mode. He's the father of 4 and found a new appreciation for life when going through the humbling experience of losing his first child as an infant; today, his 3 vibrant children and loving wife add wind to his sails. He brings heart to everything he does.

In his profession with Redbud Advisors, and 11 years under his belt, Adam is a Wealth Strategist; the guy that sits beside the wealthy helping them make critical decisions. Clients say Adam, and Redbud, have more intimate knowledge of their financial situation than any other family member, let alone professional on their team. From 'should I tell my kids about their inheritance' to, 'do I invest in this business or not', to, 'is it better to do X or Y', and 'what's the best estate plan', along with all the things in between, he is committed to helping clients have the best wealth strategy through winning relationships.

Adam explains how Redbud Advisors help startup and growth companies and discusses some of the challenges startups face.

You can visit Redbud Advisors at, and via LinkedIn at  

Adam can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at

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