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Cap Table stands for Capitalization Table and tracks the equity ownership in the company.

This includes the number of shares each one owns and what percentage of the company it represents.

It also lists the total number of shares issued as well as the number of authorized shares by the board.

Your number of shares divided by the total number of shares issued shows your ownership stake.

Each one is listed with a pre-money valuation, what it’s worth before the investment on that round, and post-money valuation, what it’s worth after the investment.

Finally, there’s a price per share.

The Cap Table should list all options, warrants, and convertible notes. Listing all forms of ownership as exercised shows a “fully diluted” Cap Table. 

From the Cap Table, the investor can model out the impact of dilution from future funding rounds.

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In this episode, Hall welcomes Isidoros Sideridis, CEO and co-Founder at Pobuca.

Pobuca offers a go-to-market platform for brands and retailers that helps them boost their customer experiences. With Pobuca you can engage your customers and empower your people in sales, marketing, and customer service. Pobuca offers a state of the art AI-based software and a broad range of services like consulting, technical integration, and after-sales support aimed at the digital transformation of their clients.

Isidoros is a technology entrepreneur who has been working nearly all of his life. He started his company at the age of 26. He received the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in 2011 and 2016 for Pobuca, and participated as a keynote speaker in many technology events & conferences.

Isidoros was born in Athens and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Patras, where he was also a member of BEST’s (Board of European Students of Technology) management board. He loves rationalizing nature’s wonders and won the Science Communication contest of FameLab in Greece.

Isidoros shares his plans for Pobuca, advises investors and entrepreneurs and discusses some of the challenges companies face in the industry.

You can visit Pobuca at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at   

Isidoros can be contacted via email at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at  

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