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In this episode, Hall welcomes JR Guerrieri, CEO & Co-Founder at NYNJA.

Headquartered in Lavallette, New Jersey, NYNJA is a unified communications platform for remote work (Enterprises and SMBs)  that solves the problem of fragmented communications, combining the best features of Zoom (voice and video conferencing), Slack (team collaboration), and YouSendIt/Hightail (large file transfers). NYNJA is the fastest way to make an automatic conference call with a large number of participants. Just click and join! It's that simple with no software download required. NYNJA's mission is integrity in data and Absolute Business Continuity.  

The NYNJA platform features secure encryption of cloud data storage for saving messages, images, and files. It features a beautifully designed and intuitive interface highlighted by the app's patent and patent-pending concentric wheel navigation system. The concentric wheel enables quick and easy navigation of the app using only one thumb and eliminates the need for back buttons.

Salvatore (‘JR’) has over 30 years of experience building and growing startup companies with more than US$50M in successful exits. He has served as a director on a diverse range of boards, including a former board position for the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He founded Acolyte Industries Inc. in 1996 and grew the company into an award-winning global manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. He is also an avid angel investor, seed investor, and advisor for tech, finance, and e-commerce startups around the world. JR was also awarded Entrepreneur of the year in 1988 for the state of New Jersey. 

JR discusses his background and how NYNJA fits in the landscape. He also advises investors and shares how he sees the industry evolving.

You can visit NYNJA at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at     

JR can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at

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Hello, this is Hall T. Martin with the Startup Funding Espresso -- your daily shot of startup funding and investing.

Platform products facilitate two-sided marketplaces that match buyers to sellers.  

The most common metrics used in platform products are buyer/seller metrics, inventory metrics, and transaction metrics.

Buyer/seller metrics include the number of buyers and sellers on the platform. Also, the growth of buyers/sellers and the number of repeat buyers/sellers should be measured.

For inventory, metrics should track the total number of products listed and the average number of listings per seller. 

Finally, transaction metrics track the percentage of sellers who make a sale and the percentage of listings that turn into a sale. 

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