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Tools are important for running a deal-flow process.  

You’ll need tools for managing deal flow, running diligence, and tracking the portfolio.  

For deal flow, there needs to be an application process for capturing the essential information and pitch deck. Examples include Proseeder, Gust, and there are others.

For diligence, you need checklists to share with the fundraising company and a set of instructions for the investors performing diligence.  

For the diligence report format, you should set up a standardized template for the final report and a way to combine the work of several investors. Google docs can be helpful in sharing documents and compiling the final report.

Finally, you’ll need a way to track your portfolio for performance and generate reports to the investors.  Seraf is one tool for portfolio tracking.

Also, you’ll need a conference call and online webinar accounts for running the meetings. Zoom, FreeConferenceCall, and Hopin are examples.

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