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In this episode, Hall welcomes R. Adam Smith, Founder & CEO of Big Sky Partners.

Headquartered in New York City, New York, Big Sky Partners collaborates with companies and their brands to develop, grow, and maximize their potential. Through expert advice and extensive networks, Big Sky Partners helps clients to build brands and businesses that are respected, unique, global, profitable, and leave a legacy in today's crowded marketplace.

Big Sky Partners assists clients through brand positioning, executive and board resources, product distribution opportunities, corporate development, strategic partnerships, and capital and M&A affairs. Selective in its collaborations, Big Sky Partners takes a meritocratic approach to client relationships, utilizing traditional client/advisor engagements as well as revenue-sharing and equity upside arrangements.

Adam is an experienced investor, advisor, and builder of tens of startup, venture and private equity-backed companies in the U.S., and abroad, since the mid-1990s. Through private equity partnerships, he has led and/or sponsored since 2002, Adam has invested in over a dozen privately-held companies (including seven acquisitions) with a combined $600 million in sales and over $250 million of contributed equity invested capital, while also forming and serving on the Board of Directors, or Advisory Boards, of each company. 

Adam is the founder and manager of alternative investing holding company, RAS Capital Partners LLC. In 2002, Adam founded Circle Peak Capital LLC, a private investment merchant banking partnership based in NYC which he still manages today and which has served tens of limited partners with over $50 million of invested capital over time. 

To read Adam’s full bio, please click here.

Adam shares with Hall how he sees the industry evolving, what excites him as an investor, and discusses his investment thesis.

You can visit Big Sky Partners at, and via LinkedIn at

Adam can be contacted via email at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at  

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Hello, this is Hall T. Martin with the Startup Funding Espresso -- your daily shot of startup funding and investing.

In running a deal follow-up process, you’ll need to create a diligence report.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Start with a template that lists the required information.
  • Include instructions in the original template for the team members to follow.
  • You may be cycling through many members so you should write out the expectations for each task.
  • Keep the report short and to the point.
  • Build the report as you go and capture information in one place. 
  • The deal lead should edit the final report for readability and consistency. Everyone on the deal team has access to the report so the status is clear and what’s not yet done is obvious. 
  • Capture not only the data but also the deal team’s thoughts and impressions.
  • Store the diligence report in the folder or box account along with the supporting information.
  • Keep a list of all diligence reports for future review.
  • Finally, share the report with the investors interested in joining the deal.

Thank you for joining us for the Startup Funding Espresso where we help startups and investors connect for funding.

Let’s go startup something today.

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