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In this episode, Hall welcomes Harold Lavender, Director of Finance & Business Development at ABQid@CNM Ingenuity.

ABQid, powered by CNM Ingenuity, is devoted to helping high-growth startups access the knowledge, resources, and connections they need to prosper.

ABQid is a curriculum-based, investor-funded accelerator program focused on investor ROI and creating great scalable companies. Their efforts are aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and their programs range from introductory, the "Entrepreneurial Bootcamp"​ - that introduces customer validation methodologies, to the intermediate with the "Idea Hacks"​ based upon game-storming methodologies. They co-host these events with community partners and local entrepreneurial mentors. The ABQid Accelerator is based on Lean Startups methods and helps teams refine their ideas over an intensive 3-month process of mentoring ad customer validation that creates nimble companies with demonstrable success at acquiring customers.

Harold is a member of the New Mexico Bar and spent 34 years as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. After returning to New Mexico in 2010, after being Of Counsel to two NM law firms, he joined ABQid, a Lean Startup Accelerator as Director of Finance and Business Development. (ABQid merged with CNM Ingenuity in 2019.) He also serves on the NM State Investment Council.

Harold speaks about the investment thesis of the company and advises both entrepreneurs and investors. He shares with Hall how he sees the industry evolving and some of the challenges companies face. 

You can visit ABQid@CNM Ingenuity at, and via LinkedIn at

Harold can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at   

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In today’s show, you’ll hear investor perspectives on the COVID-19 impact on the SaaS sector.

This is Investor Perspectives, I’m the host of Investor Connect, Hall T Martin, where we connect startups and investors for funding.

It’s the time of COVID-19. Software as a Service is currently undergoing tremendous change across the U.S. The lockdown has disrupted many industries such as travel, hospitality, restaurants, and more. We have investors and startup founders describe the impact of COVID-19 on the SaaS market.

Our guests are:

  1. Matt Oguz, Chief Investment Officer, Iris Family Office and Founding Partner at Venture Science, 0:39
  2. George Spencer, Managing Partner, Seyen Capital, 5:14
  3. Chris Hall, Principal, Escalate Capital Partners, 10:03
  4. Nick Adams, Managing Partner, Differential Ventures, 17:48
  5. Jason Kraus, Partner, EQx Fund, 20:27
  6. Karey Barker, Founding Managing Director, Cross Creek, 25:19
  7. John Gu, Principal-Growth Equity Group, Spring Mountain Capital, 28:24
  8. JD Weinstein, Head, Global VC Practice, Oracle, 29:57
  9. Stuart Kime, Co-Founder, Chief Future Officer, hOp, 32:32

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Hello, this is Hall T. Martin with the Startup Funding Espresso -- your daily shot of startup funding and investing.

Your story is a critical part of your fundraise pitch.

There are five key elements to a startup story.  

The first is your theme or purpose.

This comes from what inspired your startup. There’s something about the world that you want to change so you started the company to fix it.

Next, connect your theme to a universal principle or truth that everyone recognizes. 

Now,  build your story around that theme.

In your story, show how your startup’s mission reflects your core principles and values.

Along the way, avoid common mistakes such as trying to tell the investor how your product works in minute detail. It’s better to focus on the benefits of what your product does rather than the features.

Another mistake is spending time convincing the investor that there is a problem. We all know diabetes, cancer, and other ailments are a problem.

Thank you for joining us for the Startup Funding Espresso where we help startups and investors connect for funding.

Let’s go startup something today.

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