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In this episode, Hall welcomes Ben Marans, Partner at DECKO. 

DECKO designs your presentation (s) to ensure investors and/or customers see the most important information upfront and remain engaged. DECKO works with you to tell your company’s story + make your metrics shine to investors and/or customers, captivating them quickly and leaving them excited to move forward with you. From pre-seed companies pitching investors for the first time to Series D+ companies preparing to go public, they’ve done it all and know what works.

Ben is a previous founder and a current Angel investor + healthcare SaaS sales leader. He works with numerous VC firms as a scout. He is also a SaaS sales expert, with a track record of growing revenue for seed - public companies. He’s passionate about healthtech, pharma, electric vehicles, micromobility, and SaaS. In his free time, Ben boxes, reads more articles than he can remember, and drums.

Ben shares with Hall what excites him now in this space. He discusses what should and should not be included in a pitch deck, and he advises investors and entrepreneurs in the industry.

You can visit DECKO at, and via LinkedIn at

Ben can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at       

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