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There are many terms in a standard terms sheet for investing in a startup. 

Six terms have a direct impact on the return the investor receives. They are as follows:

  1. Pre-money valuation is the biggest factor in determining the investor’s return. This is often the term receiving the most attention in negotiations.
  2. Liquidation preference is increasingly being used to protect early investors as it gives them a return first before other investors.
  3. Options pool is a key consideration with regards to who pays for it. A founder-friendly terms sheet has the investors paying for it, while an investor-friendly terms sheet has the founders paying for it. 
  4. Protective provisions include electing board members who can influence operational decisions such as approving future fundraising rounds. 
  5. Co-sale rights and drag-along rights give the investor options for exiting early. 
  6. Finally, dividends -- not common in early-stage fundings, are a source of returns to the investors in long-term holdings.

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