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Investor Connect is proud to introduce a brand new Podcast series: Investor Perspectives.

Over the next month, we will be discussing the Impact of the COVID-19 Economy on Startup Funding with experienced investors from the TEN Capital network. In today’s installment, we’re looking to the other side when the economy will reopen.

Today’s episode features insights from: 

Evan Cohen of Healthbox
Rodolfo Dieck of Proeza Ventures
Dan Kerr of Flyover Capital
Kevin King of Texas Halo Fund
Yaniv Sneor of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels
Gary Trauner of Silicon Couloir

We hope you enjoy listening to this informative new series.


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In this episode, Hall welcomes Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia.

Located in San Francisco, Astia was founded in Silicon Valley in 1999 as a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and promoting best-in-class, high-growth ventures that include women leaders.

Astia levels the investment playing field by cultivating a trusted global ecosystem of engaged male and female investors and advisors, who offer crucial resources, including capital, networks, and expertise. Unlike most VC’s, investment firms, or accelerators, Astia provides a creative, proven approach that contributes to the success of women leaders and their ventures.

Astia is rigorous about using a global process to source and screen their investments and that process is called the Astia's Expert Sift. Astia's Expert Sift leverages the wisdom of a highly curated expert crowd made up of advisors within Astia’s global 5000+ community to source, screen and evaluate high-growth companies. The process identifies best-in-class, investor-ready opportunities, and then presents them to accredited investors. Over 60% of companies achieve funding or an exit within one year of presenting at Astia. 

Sharon is not only an angel investor but is also a member on many boards. She is well-regarded around the globe for her opinions, research and commentary on the importance of women leaders as integral to innovation and high-performing entrepreneurial companies.

Sharon goes into detail about Astia’s investment thesis and some of the companies within the fund, tells Hall what she is excited about and gives advice to entrepreneurs and investors.

Visit Astia at

Sharon can be reached via LinkedIn at, on Twitter at, and via email at 

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