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In this episode, Hall welcomes back Maggie Sprenger, Managing Director at Green Cow Venture Capital (GCVC). 

GCVC is an early-stage venture fund based in San Francisco and New York City. They invest at the Seed and Series A stages into dynamic founders that combine unparalleled drive, talent, and diverse perspectives to solve problems around scarcity and inefficiency in global markets. They like companies that are particularly leveraging technologies like AI, ML, and robotics.

Maggie has an extensive track record of more than fifteen years in venture and real estate investment. Fueled by a strong desire to make a positive impact, Maggie has a passion for applying her entrepreneurial and portfolio expertise to drive meaningful innovation. Maggie holds an MBA from Wharton with a double major in Finance and Management.

In this episode, Maggie goes into detail about some of the companies GCVC is investing in and speaks to what surprises her about the greenfield technologies sector. She gives her thoughts on what changes will happen in that space post-COVID-19.

Visit Green Cow Venture Capital (GCVC) at  

Maggie can be reached via LinkedIn at or email at

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