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In this episode, Hall welcomes Rob Wray, CEO of BlueStar SeniorTech. BlueStar provides aging-in-place technologies to seniors, particularly those in families with veterans. Multi-faceted businessman/admiral: fluent in technology, people, processes, energy, defense, and general P&L business

Rob is a Mechanical Engineer from the Naval Academy, Admiral Wray. He spent seven years of active duty as a nuclear engineer on surface ships, carriers, and submarines. Transferring to the reserves, he enjoyed a varied 20-year career in business, in manufacturing, hospitality, technology, consulting, and construction. After mobilization to Baghdad, he was promoted to Admiral and placed back on active duty for the past six years. Rob recently retired as a two-star. He has a Masters from Georgetown University, is a licensed professional engineer, holds a patent, has written two books, and is a frequent professional speaker on leadership and management. He has 14 present or former service members in his family, 4 of which are aged 80 or older.

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Here are some Financial Parameters to look for in a terms sheet:

Type of Security: Convertible Preferred Stock, Series A Convertible Preferred Stock, or Series Seed Preferred Stock.

Investment Amount: How much is being raised.

Pre-Money Valuation: What the business is worth before the investment. The pre-money valuation can also appear in the “Price Per Share” section. 

Price Per Share: The price per share is calculated by dividing the agreed on pre-money valuation by the total number of shares outstanding in the startup. The share price calculation is where the term “fully diluted” shares outstanding comes into play.The term “Fully diluted” means  the options pool and other forms of stock such as warrants must be included in the share total.

Conversion: Refers to the rate preferred shares can be converted to common.

Dividends: They are either Cumulative Dividends or Non-Cumulative Dividends.  Which determines if dividends are paid out along the way or at conversion.
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