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On this episode, Hall welcomes Danish Rizvi COO of ASA Ventures - ASA Ventures is a hybrid venture capital firm established in 2003 in Portugal and is currently headquartered in Dubai. It is the combined strength of professional expertise and smart capital, adding value to the start-up ecosystem with a unique investment philosophy and in-house expertise.

Danish has a career spanning over 20 years. He started working in logistics, supply to manufacturing but very quickly moved into the banking industry. He worked in risk management looking at investor needs in corporations. He later moved and was heavily involved in investment banking on the corporate-finance side and did private equity transactions, MNAs and was involved with trust transaction fund structuring as well as strategic planning development.

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In this episode, Hall is joined by Tim Hoerr, CEO of Serra Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm focusing primarily on technology companies in the Midwest and West Coast regions. With a background in tech entrepreneurship, he eventually founded a consulting firm which later became the venture firm Serra Ventures. Tim provides his advice for those entering into startup investing, and emphasizes diversification, the importance of the team, and embracing the long-term commitment.

In addition, Tim talks about how the startup investing world has changed and where he thinks it is heading in the future. He also discusses what he feels are the biggest impacts on returns, and the types of deals he looks for. He details a few of the firms they've had success with and why, and what to look out for in terms of risk. Finally, Tim touches on a few sectors he views as especially promising - AgTech and Healthcare Technology.

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