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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Chris Fisher of Click Ventures.  With a background in corporate IT, Chris started his angel investing career in Hong Kong, where he eventually teamed up with Carman Chan of Click Ventures. Chris explains how Click Ventures focuses on primarily series A startups using network effects. He explains how network effects can lower customer acquisition costs and create aggressive growth. Click Ventures is very quantitatively focused, seeking to drive the model forward faster as well as use the data that's being generated to make better decisions.

Chris discusses market trends in network effects, in particular as it relates to consumer privacy. In addition, he provides a small-scale example of the type of startup Click looks for - a high-end photography equipment rental company in NYC. Chris and Hall talk about some of the challenges to consider when funding network effects startups. Chris explains how the sector can be highly competitive from an investment standpoint, which means that it is important for investors to be able to add value above and beyond the funding. Finally, Chis highlights how blockchain can and will impact network-based startups in the future.

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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Jay Joshi of MD Angels. Jay, a physician by training, went through undergrad and medical school at the same time in an accelerated medical program. It was there he discovered that he looks at medicine a little differently than the traditional physician. He felt his perspective was different and he thought that would translate into hospital administration. Between medical school and his residency, he learned that he liked to take risks and was a little bit more entrepreneurial and venture-oriented, as opposed to the more risk-averse nature that you'll typically see in health care. This led him to his first startup, a medical device company. Though that, he learned that many investors in the Midwest considered pre-revenue medical device companies too risky. So, he gravitated towards physicians.


Jay found that in the investment community, physicians are often a disparate group of investors that don't always have the cohesion necessary to make the right decisions. And so, along with some of the physician investors who came in on his medical device company Output Medical, he ended up creating what is now the largest physician-based angel investment group in the Midwest, MD Angels.

In this episode, Jay speaks about MD Angels’ focus within the healthcare space. He gives some insight into the key startup criteria that lead to successful funding. In addition, Hall and Jay discuss where the healthcare industry is heading, regulatory considerations, and much more.  

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