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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Wendy Nunnelley an Angel Investor. We kick off the interview learning about Wendy's background and how she got into investing in early stage startups. Wendy offers her own personal take and advice to people who are just starting to invest in the CPG space. Wendy and Hall speak about how the consumer product good space is always changing and evolving, where she sees it going and how the landscape has changed in investing in the CPG sector. You’ll also learn about Wendy's investment thesis and types of companies that fit into it. Wendy give her thoughts on challenges, risk and what she thinks are immediate opportunities to pursue.  

About Wendy- Growth leader and investor, skilled in strategy, planning, ops, business development, and revenue management, including pricing/promotion. Delivers on strategic, operational, and financial priorities in the short and long term. Builds a culture that drives change and growth, with a track record of developing the next generation of leaders. Investment experience in deal sourcing/screening, leading deal teams, due diligence, portfolio advisory and support. On-the-ground experience in US, Asia, Europe, and Central America.

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Abe Minkara of Mark Cuban Companies. In this episode Abe speaks about his current role as Managing Director at Mark Cuban Companies and what they do. He is part of a group that manages Marks early stage investments. Most of the early stage deals come through Shark Tank, and Abe speaks on the process that Shark Tank uses for finding startups for the program and what is looked at when coming through for an investment. They speak about companies that stood out for being being prepared and what that entails. Abe also details what happens from being on the show to actually investing and what the due diligence is. In this episode you’ll also learn about challenges and risks in investing in the consumer product goods space and immediate opportunities to pursue.  

A little about Mark Cuban Companies- Mark Cuban Companies is a venture capital firm specializing in angel investing. Mark Cuban Companies is based in Dallas, Texas.


About Abe- Abe Minkara Director of Business Development at Mark Cuban Companies Abe oversees the portfolio of Shark Tank, Tech, and CPG companies at Mark Cuban Companies. Abe also manages a team that supports these companies with accounting, business operations, ecommerce, sales, and marketing services. He received his MBA from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

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Hall T. Martin is joined by Pedro Anderson of Winding Tree. In this episode, you’ll learn about Pedros background and what he did before Winding Tree, a decentralized distribution platform for the travel industry. Pedro speaks about his first hand experience raising funding and launching an ICO, the groundwork for building the application as well as getting ready for the token raise. Pedro speaks in depth about the process they went through from the start and they challenges, what worked and what didn't. Hall and Pedro also speak about challenges and risks in the crypto space and immediate opportunities to pursue.     


A little about Winding Tree- Winding Tree is a non-profit foundation that drives the development of open-source protocols to allow any company, big or small, or even an individual developer, to try them out and integrate with the platform in no time.

About Pedro- Pedro Anderson, Founder and COO of Winding Tree – Pedro is a social entrepreneur, fundraiser and proponent for decentralized systems. Prior to Winding Tree Pedro sold millions of dollars of SaaS products and raised funding for numerous non-profit projects including his foundation to help disadvantaged youth start careers in hospitality. Winding Tree is a non-profit foundation that drives the development of open-source protocols for the travel industry, to allow any company, big or

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Glenn Argenbright of Quake Capital. As we kick off the interview, you learn Glenn’s background and how he got into early stage investing as well as what led him to Quake Capital. Glen has been on both sides of the table as a startup and investor, and he gives his insight on what should be looked for in early stage companies. Hall and Glenn also speak about the quickly evolving VC world and where it's headed. In this episode, you’ also learn about Quake Capitals investment thesis and specific criteria they look out for. Other key elements discussed are challenges faced by startups to achieve their goals and the main risks that stand out during deal flow for a successful exit.

A little about Quake Capital- Quake Capital is a seed and early stage venture capital fund and accelerator program. Their investments are about more than just money-- through their accelerator program, teams receive world-class coaching, personalized mentorship targeted at each company's specific needs, and access to our extensive network of investors and strategic partners.

About Glenn-  Glen is a founding partner at Quake Capital. Glenn has over 20 years’ experience operating and running a variety of private, pre-IPO, and public technology companies. He has founded over a dozen startup ventures, resulting in three public offerings, 9 exits, and billions in shareholder returns. His background includes expertise and projects in software, firmware, middleware, hardware, enterprise, SAAS, consumer goods, and Web and mobile applications.

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