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In this episode, Hall is joined by Jonathan Crowder of Intelis Capital. Jonathan is a founding partner of Intelis Capital and a member of its investment committee. Jonathan serves in all aspects of the firm’s operations, with particular focus on developing investment theses, creation of internal processes and systems, sourcing potential investments, providing operational and strategic support to portfolio companies. Jonathan speaks about his start and growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs after his dad took a shot at opening a software company which led him to take a different route in business rather than a traditional corporate job. He talks about his path after attending SMU in Dallas to his current day at  Intelis Capital. In this interview you’ll also learn his thoughts on


  • Thesis driven investors
  • Healthcare, education, and real estate and how they are at historical lows in productivity growth and ripe for expansion.
  • The differentiating factor of success in startups is a deep understanding of the customer problem and not cutting edge technology.
  • How Intelis invests in underserved ecosystems.
  • His focus on geographies including Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Research Triangle, Atlanta, and potentially others.
  • His focus on tech-enabled companies.
  • His thoughts on internal value principle- every time they meet with an entrepreneur they should get some value from it.
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In this episode, Hall welcomes Jeff Stewart of Urgent VC. Jeff is an inventor, entrepreneur and investor, focusing on technology enabled business. He’s also a blockchain enthusiast. Urgent VCs mission is to accelerate the growth of technology companies through capital investment, global expansion and opportunistic venture co-creation. Urgent is a unique hybrid between an operating company and an investment company. They invest in growth stage equities via the Global Public Offering Fund. Hall and Jeff speak about how Jeff got into early stage investing and a little about the Urgent fund and its focus. Hall asks Jeff the advantage of going public in the Asia-Pacific markets and you learn more about what Jeff looks for in startups, and the GPO fund (Global Public Offering). Hall and Jeff also dive into what they do for Series B/C investments to get companies ready for public engagement.  


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In this episode, Hall welcomes Breanna Faye of Rloop Incorporated. Breanna is a trained architect, designer and Experience Design Lead at rLoop, a SpaceX award-winning, globally-distributed organization currently developing the Hyperloop. With a background in MIT’s Media Lab and Department of Advanced Urbanism, her research emphasizes the link and impact between cities, people, and transportation technologies. Her experience has led her to tackle projects from urban scale to product scale, including the hyperloop, autonomous vehicle concepts, and gps-enabled bike helmets. With rLoop, the aim is to decentralize high-technology and design solutions by utilizing Blockchain and crowdsourcing technology. Hall and Breanna talk about Best practices for starting and running a blockchain company and blockchain trends. In this episode, you’ll also learn Breanna’s advice to people investing in blockchain startups as well as challenges, risks and immediate opportunities to pursue. Breanna is joining us as a guest speaker this October at the Emerge ICO Summit in Austin Texas.

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