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In this episode, Hall T. Martin interviews JP Bauman of Altira Group. JP is a Principal at Altira Group, a Denver-based venture capital firm that works closely with entrepreneurs to provide funding for emerging software and technology companies that are helping meet the increasingly complex digital and operational challenges of today’s energy industry. JP has extensive experience investing in and building value in growing businesses. He is responsible for all aspects of the investment process at Altira, including deal sourcing, due diligence and structuring, as well as serving in operational advisory roles for portfolio companies. He currently serves on the board of Seeq Corp, Agile Upstream, and FlexGen Power Systems. Hall and JP speak about how Altira focuses on the energy space- in particular technology and software in the oilfield. Hall and JP also discuss what is happening in the industry today that makes now the right time to invest.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin welcomes Shruti Gandhi of Array Ventures.  Shruti is the founder and managing partner of Array Ventures. Array invests in enterprise deep tech early stage companies. Shruti spent her early career as a developer on mainframe security, collaboration tools, and data analytics. Post engineering, she was investing in early stage companies at True Ventures and Samsung's venture fund. She has an MBA from University of Chicago and MS from Columbia University. In this episode, you’ll learn about Array VC’s Investment in AI, Robotics and other technology that impacts industries not yet touched by technology as well as their unique twist to venture capital. Arrays team of investors, advisors, and mentors is invaluable and contributes to the success of your company and the fund. They are in it with you and want to understand who would be your ideal customer. If they can help bring them onboard then it's an easy investment decision for them.

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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview Erica Duignan Minnihan of 1000 Angels.
Erica is the Managing Partner at 1000 Angels, a private digital venture investment network. They provide a platform for high net worth individuals, family offices, and Venture Funds to make direct investments in a curated selection of high-growth, early-stage investment opportunities. They typically invest in companies raising Seed and Series A rounds, and focus primarily on the technology sector, although they are open to all opportunities with exceptional risk adjusted return potential. Hall and Erica discuss a number of topics including Erica’s path from the investment banking world to the startup world to invest in the seed and Series A stage. They speak about 1000 Angels and how they work with accredited investors and provides a pipeline of companies seeking funding. 1000 Angels is a digital venture investment network for accredited investors looking to build a portfolio of direct private equity investments at the Seed and Series A stage.


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In this episode, Hall interviews Cain McClary, MD is the founder and Managing Partner of KdT Ventures. Cain talks about how he started a VC fund focused on the intersection of healthcare/science and computation.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Andrey Morozov, founder of FinHub Global Ventures in San Francisco, CA. Andrey is technology entrepreneur and investor, who has been a founder and CEO of several successful payment companies before becoming an angel investor and startup mentor. He is a regular speaker at the biggest FinTech events, such as Money2020 and Transact.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Cliff Hinrichs of Steele VC. Cliff talks about what Steele ventures invests in, and provides some examples of high quality investments such as MyRepublic and AgFunder.
Cliff and Hall discuss what angels starting out should look for.

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In this episode, Hall interviews John Hinckley, CEO and co-founder of Modern Message, creator of an online resident engagement platform for apartment communities. Since its inception in 2012, Modern Message has seen average growth of 79 percent year over year, and works with nearly 2,500 apartment communities and allows more than 1 million residents to engage with Community Rewards each month across North America.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Morgan Simon, founding partner of Candide Group. Morgan has close to two decades of experience making finance a tool for social justice. In that time she has influenced over $150B and is a regularly sought out expert on impact investing. Her first book, Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change has been featured everywhere from Harvard Business School to the United Nations.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Gaurav Chakravorty, co-founder and CIO of qplum, wealth management powered by A.I. Prior to qplum, Gaurav built one of the most profitable high-frequency trading operations at Tower Research Capital. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Kanpur, India and a Masters in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania, and is Series 3 and Series 65 certified.

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In this episode, Hall interviews Don Plotsky, Founder and Managing Partner at Uitna Partners. Don was Head of Product Development and Product Management Western Asset Management from 2002, and prior to WAM, Mr. Plotsky was Head of Global Client Service and Marketing at CDC Investment Management (now part of Natixis) and was responsible for product management and structuring. He was a Portfolio Manager at Advisors Capital Management, Equitable Capital Management and Hutton Risk Management. He has an MBA from New York University, Stern School of Business.

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